Marvel Teaser: "What If There Wasn't Only One?"

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Marvel's latest teaser is pretty simple; a big red star in a black background begging the question, "What if there wasn't only one?" So, what could this mean? The first thing to come to the minds of fans is that the teaser could be hinting at the return of Bucky Barnes to Marvel Comics. For those who don't know, Barnes who had been the sidekick to Captain America eventually took over the Captain America mantle before his recent death. Could this be the return of Bucky? Could it be another Winter Soldier?

There is another Marvel character who wore a red star; the Red Guardian. The most recent Red Guardian (Anton) was last seen in Jeph Loeb's Hulk series and had been a member of Winter Guard. Though he is believed to have been dead, it was revealed that he was at least partially a life model decoy and after being decapitated, it was shown that his head was being kept in storage and he might still be alive.

The possibilities are endless, but what do you think the teaser means?

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quest complete!

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I hope it's Bucky.

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I hope we'll see Red Guardian.

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I hope it means Bucky is coming back, which means that it will probably be another winter soldier.

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Doesn't this mean they will add a second (or more) thing or something that is already around? So someone who is dead doesn't make as much sense. Unless they bring Bucky back and have a second one of him at the same time too.

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My best bet's that Bucky stays dead , but there was also a second Winter Soldier all along and we'll see the return of someone else, perhaps from Cap's past.

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Marvels coming out as a commie company?

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it's a clone of bucky, and the bucky running around has been a clone too. looks like bucky stayed dead afterall, yay for retcons!

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I bet Jackal starts cloning lots of Steve Rogers. That would be a totally good story and not terrible at all.

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captain america

I would like to see it mean what if there wasn't just one Captain America. I was going to say maybe it could also mean what if there were more than one of each hero, like the accidents that created them didn't just happen once. So there would be more Hulks, Spider-Man, Fantastic Fours, Captain Americas, Giant Men, etc. But that has already been sort of done. Red Hulk, She Hulk, Red She Hulk, and everyone becoming Hulks, and the recent everyone gaining Spider-Powers.


What I think it is about is there being more than ONE Captain America. There Super Soldier Serum be no longer lost, and given to other soldiers so that Cap is no longer the only Super Soldier. So readers will get to see what the world would be like if there was an army of Super Soldiers. Or maybe show why Steve Rogers is Captain America, and not just the 1st of what was meant to be many. Like others get it who aren't worthy.

Captain America vs. Anti-Cap






@WolfMonkey: I actually love this idea. Why did he stay alive all these years? He is actually a clone, maybe the suspended animation thing was just a lie, implanted memory. Instead of simply waking him every so often for a mission he was cloned. It would also lead him to seem like an unkillable assassin if he can never stay dead (like the Venture Brothers). Why did he die during Fear Itself so soon after he was brought back? Because Marvel had the clone idea.

I like this idea too.

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Or, they are rushing to copy the idea of Batman Inc.

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maybe Bucky will return to lead a new Winter Guard team of sorts? That would be cool.

A different team local would be a nice change of pace, they all don't have to be in the U.S especially New York.

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@War Killer said:


Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum Man. Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.

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I really hope its not Bucky and I really ope it isn't mass profuction of the super soldier serum...Bcky would be to soon and the super soldier serum is only cool because Cap has it well and now mocking bird

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Actually it might be the announcement that China has acquired Marvel :D

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What meaning that there will be every super hero on the planet as Cap? Or meaning that the brilliant inventor who invented the super soldier serum actually lived to see more than one captain america, but a army of them?

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@Outside_85 said:

Actually it might be the announcement that China has acquired Marvel :D


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Already? So soon...? Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than for Bucky to return...but it really is too soon...but i can take

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With the red and black, I'd say USAgent. Makes sense for Bucky.

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Very Inter-estink.

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Red Guardian, Bucky. Take your pick. In truth its hard to say really. Gotta love teasers.

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Isn't that a little early for Bucky to come back. But it may be cool for Marvel to do a Batman thing and we can have two Captain America's Bucky and Steve

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Knowing how Marvel is about bringing dead characters back to life I would say that it more than likely will be Bucky. Fear Itself was a travesty anyway in my opinion and the death of Bucky was only used for shock value.

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would be cool to bring bucky back into the iron patriot suit and have him like the original iron man having to be in the suit to stay alive.

Bucky would also be awesome as the new us agent but use his cap suit. But for some reason this makes me think that it means more winter soldiers maybe clones maybe not.

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Make Isaiah Bradley come back. Don't tell me something is wrong his mind, hell, Buckey is dead and that doesn't stop ya'll from thinking he'll make a come back.

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My best bet is that another Winter Soldier will appear. But the question remains... who?

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Im thinking a Russian Super Soldier.
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Leave them dead an give us somethin that isint repetitive .....

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@Crimson Eagle said:

My best bet is that another Winter Soldier will appear. But the question remains... who?

I really hope they don't do that. It'd cheapen the legend of the Winter Soldier imo, as well as the inner struggle Bucky dealt with. Same thing with the SSS, it's unique because Steve is THE Super Soldier. Wouldn't be the same with an army of him running around. Also, while it is WAY too soon to bring Bucky back, I can live with that.

Way I see it, Marvel needs to slow down with all of the teasers and announcements. Let things soak in before you announce another big thing..

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a bucky clone with all his memorys

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What if this is another event?

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GREAT. is this going to be by loeb and mcguinness too? are the only ones who bloody work on everything? Seriously?!?!? just let it go! god, marvel should be called "EVENTS ANNUALLY" comics!

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Given the creative team, maybe the question should be how does it relate to Cable's return? Seems maybe a few characters are coming back with this.

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Marvel Event?

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I hope it's Bucky.

His death felt premature and rushed. I'd be willing to put money on it being him.
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Leave them dead an give us somethin that isint repetitive .....

This is Marvel. Thinking that they'll churn out something that isn't repetitive is just silly.
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Someone it is not: The Highlander ;)

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Cool! I felt that they should have had a snippet of Bucky at the end of the Captain America movie, after the credits.

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@The Impersonator

What if this is another event?

Then I will be pissed. They've already solicited/teased a ridiculous amount of upcoming events.
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@The Dark Huntress said:

@The Impersonator

What if this is another event?

Then I will be pissed. They've already solicited/teased a ridiculous amount of upcoming events.

Wouldn't surprise me, but I'm hoping even Quesada realizes piling on yet another event is ridiculous.

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MARVEL...the house of no idea...

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am I the only one who genuinely didn't care for Bucky as Cap. not that the Winter Soldier/Death of Captain America/Rebirth thing hasn't been a fantastic run for Brubaker. but I was glad to see Steve get back under the mask and don't feel any particular remorse for thinking that Bucky is back in death-that-fuels-the-hero status.

this could go any number of places, some cool, some not so much. I'm sort of hoping for a new character though, the revelation of a second super soldier out of a block of ice or something like that. if they're just bringing back Bucky.......yawn.

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Way too soon! I mean come on.

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Their trying to throw you all off, it's another wolverine of course! If one can be in 3000 places at once just imagine how many places two could be!

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Well speaking of politics...

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Captain America Inc

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