Is there something wrong with the movie?

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I just find it extremely weird that there is almost no attention for his movie. Imean there is only 1 trailer and some sreenshots. Green lantern and x-men first class has lots of trailers. Do you think there is some delay, more not-suspected work on the movie or someting?

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It's a little early to worry about it. Give it a few months before going Access Hollywood on it, unless they cancelled Access Hollywood as well.

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Thor is still in theatres so they don't want to hurt that film.

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I don't see them pushing this movie until mid-late June.

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Wait until Independence day and then you will be sick of seeing it XD
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just waiting 4 the movie release

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Actually, two new TV spots for this film came out yesterday. 

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Also 7-Up or some other drink (forgot which now, just know it's one I don't drink) has a promotion for the Cap movie. The gas station down the road from me even has a large Cap poster set up for the advertisement.

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