Is Cap peak human or super human?

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@muyjingo said:

@krauser99 said:

Again, you don't seem to be understanding what I am saying. I will quote that Steve is Peak Human or Peak of human potential or The next step in human evolution. Stating this is not meaningless since this is what Cap is.


The only possible response here, is WHOOOOOSH.

Read what I wrote, don't just quickly write a response because you're feeling defensive. Until you understand what I wrote above, there isn't any point in discussing it with you.

The only response here, is walalalalalalalalal

Read what I wrote, don't just ignore what was stated just because you don't like the idea that Cap is different then Batman. Until you understand, there isn't any point in discussing it with you.

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Ultimate Captain America can lift 2-5 tons.

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OP: Is Cap peak human or super human?

Answer: Neither. Cap is enhanced. His abilities are above a peak human, but not superhuman. Superhuman>Enhanced>Peak>. A peak human cannot do things like this:

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Cap is not just a peak of human, cause if you take a measure of his feats of strengths all of which is impossible to be done by a normal human being. He can bench press 1200lbs consistently, can run at 48kph and an occasion which states during the duress mile he sprinted 1.6 kilometers in 73 seconds. One more thing Spiderman's reflexes is same as Cap, they can evade simultaneous ballistic attacks from multiple attackers. Cap senses is in the highest possible limits of human potential. It is also stated he is able to dodge bullets because he sees faster than them. These are not just at the peak of human potential Cap is already a super human, his abnormalities would have been that of HULK, when Banner's dad recreated the Super Soldier serum which eventually failed.

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