If Captain America died who would get his shield?

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It really doesn't matter who gets the shield he is currently using since it's not his indestructable shield. That one is still secretly in the possession of Tony Stark who has been trying to replicate the metal since he took it after "The Death of Captain America". The shield that bucky used as Cap and that Steve took back when Bucky "died" is a copy that Tony made of his prototype reverse engineered metal from Cap's real indestructable shield. Tont never truly trusted Bucky as Captain America and never gave him the real shield. This was made obvious when the serpent broke the shield during Fear Itself. Tony reforged the shield that he made with uru asgardian metal to stregnthen it after it was broken. The real shield is still hidden away in a Stark secret lab and confounding every effort made to recreate it. Steve knows that the shield he has is not the original but is not persuing looking for it to avoid another civil war type clash with Tony. At least for now.

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Norman Osborn. :3

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Patriot should get it. At least then we'd see something a little different. Yeah sure Bucky has more of a right to it, but he's better as Winter Soldier. When he had the shield he was basically Cap light..

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Hawkeye, this guy has wanted to be the "good" guy for how long. Really busted his A$$. I dont think anyone has better aim. Has been under caps wing for years now with still being an individual. Can lead can take orders Clint Barton is the next Captain America only after Bucky Barnes has given him a blessing.

Bucky Barnes, is his own man. He is the Winter Soldier. Bucky Cap is cool but should be seen as an equal to cap and not the "Robin". Cap shouldnt be out there taking lives doing black ops. Winter Soldier is that guy to take care of all that, and help mentor Barton in those down times.

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@Blood1991:You win. The only other right answer that isn't Bucky.

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It should be buried with him.

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@TheGreyOutcastX said:

@The_Tree said:


This. Only one who should claim it.

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mr wade wilson

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Depends on the circumstances of his demise. If he was murdered again, and his will wanted Captain America to live on, Bucky would get it. If he wanted the title reserved for a few years, Tony would keep it. If he wanted it put on hold permanently, Thor would take it to Asgard. If he wanted a successor and Bucky was unfit, Hawkeye would step up as the new Captain America. And if none of these people were available, THEN Spider-Man would take it. If Fury didn't spirit it away first.

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@TheCannon said:

The Avengers would probably put it on display at the Avengers mansion.

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@bamaboykmb: sharon carter cause shes needs a cool weapon

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Bucky is the current Cap, at least IIRC since Heroic Age began. If not Bucky I'd say they would introduce a character that turns out to be Steve or Bucky's long lost son.

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It would be brought to Mt. Olympus and secured in the Olympian Armory.

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Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D,

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