How high can Captain America jump?

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How high can Captain America jump?

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As high as the writer currently penning his story needs him to. Just like any other superhero or villain.

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he has made some incredible leaps, but as for height.. I'd say somewhere between 10-15 feet

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Haven't you heard?

White Men Can't Jump.

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He's been able to jump up and grab the roofline of a two story building. That's typically around 24 feet give or take. As far as jumping up and landing on his feet, its probably 15-18 feet.

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Yeah he's done Spiderman level jumps and even building falls. But I wouldn't expect less from the peak of human potential.

Hand books tend to short change him with a simple label "peak human". But the stories show him to be the exception. He is very similar to Slade Deathstroke in this regard.

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20 feet, maybe a little bit more

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A few inches by my comic book measurements.

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Super Soldier high found these on another forum. Almost like he's flying.

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I wish the comic companies would do their own versions of the NFL combines.

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He can jump on to the roof of a two story building.

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higher than I can...

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@tg1982 said:

He can jump on to the roof of a two story building.

It might have been a three story building.

The door is one, the middle is 2 and the top windows is third part.

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20-27 feet

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@psychojack: @alexander505: sounds about right... but toad has the same limits in jumping (officially) and his legs are superior to caps by a large margin

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As far as he needs to in order to kick but.

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