Help getting into Captain America comics.

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Loved the money, have always been a fan of Captain America, but never really into the comics in general.  I'd like to read the original Captain America comics up to date, I realize this would probably take some time, and once i am done with that I would like to branch off into the other side stories and alternate realities that they have for him. What is the best way to start? I haven't been able to find a book that flat out says it contains Captain America 1-50 or whatever. Also, I would prefer them in color. Thanks in advance for the help guys.

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Get the trades of Ed Brubaker's run.
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@srheajr: A brand new series just started starring Steve Rogers as Captain America. It's only one issue in so far. I have only just started reading Cap but people have said nothing but good things about Brubaker's run here. It contains the Death of Captain America during the Civil War arc and it stars Bucky as Cap for much of the run.
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Ok, first get the Marvel Masterworks for Captain America and get the Marvel Masterworks Avengers Volume 1. (You can alos get the new Captain America Omnibus - Stan Lee and Jack Kirby) 
There are a lot of great Cap stories and runs in between but you should then run, don't walk, run and get the Ed brubaker and Steve Epting Captain America Omnibus (Vol. 1 & 2). Volume 1 has issues 1-25 including the world famous "Death of Captain America" storyline and this run is the BEST Captain America run of all time. Here's what cover of volume 1 looks like: 
I am also fond of the John Cassaday Captain America run.
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