"Finished" WW2 Captain America costume

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While it's not completely finished (about 90%) this is what I will be wearing to the midnight showing of the film tonight. My wife made the cargo pants and double breasted jacket. I worked with the WW2 pot helmet and bought the ammo belt, para-suspenders, boot covers, and ww2 era motorcycle goggles. I am just going to use my prop Cap shield since I didn't finish the shield I was making. Let me know what you guys think!

Standing pose, Captain America
Another side shot
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@sammo21: Not bad
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i like it

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That's awesome, gonna see the movie tonight :)

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pretty cool looking
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Eventually I am going to replace the snap buckle with an actual large belt buckle, get a prop Colt 1911 and Thompson M1A1 and more.

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That's so damned gangster.

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Looks fun! USA! USA! :)

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Super cool! Wish I was talented enough to make a good costume. Wife did a great job on the jacket!

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Really nice job! I like all the little details :D

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@xerox-kitty: She's got a lot of stuff you can't see too well (pics taken on my iphone in a poorly lit living room :p) where there are many fake seams like he has in the WW2 jacket. I will be required to either wear a red dickie or a red sweater when I wear this to conventions and I'd also like a better mask which we're working on doing. Next year for Avengers we want to have a full group dress up for the midnight showing...so far we have a black widow, captain america, hawkeye, and Wasp.

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Good job. Congrats on your obvious passion for Cap.

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That's awesome!!

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Hopefully I can get a more modern version for the Avengers next year. My wife wants to do Wasp (she likes the animated version the most it seems) and two of my friends want to be Black Widow and Hawkeye. I think if I do a modern version of Cap it will be harder (as I won't ever be doing a costume with tights) but I am working on some designs.

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Awesome job.

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@sammo21: It sucks that she's going to cosplay as Wasp despite her not being in the movie.
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@Pepsiguy2: eh, I don't see a problem with it. The only two female "leads" in the movie are Black Widow and Maria so there aren't many options. Heck, the girl doing Black Widow is even doing a more 616 version of her. My cap costume wasn't used in the movie :p

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I approve.

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That Looks GREAT!!! 
Even, Combat Ready!

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Nice bro

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