Does Steve ever use a gun?

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i was watching the captain america trailer again.. and there is a scene were steve and a bunch of guys bust in, and start shooting.. steve has a gun to...

my question-  is that accurate, has Captain America (steve ) used a gun before??

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yeah as americas top cop and in the very beginning of world war 2. But besides that no not really he only uses his shield nowadays.
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I remember him shooting at enemy aircraft in the Invaders and the narrative stating he was a soldier who did what he had to do when it was required.  Based on this, I say yes. 


A soldier fighting a war would most likely find himself in situations requiring use of firearms, no matter what any modern revisionist or anti-gun person might desire, prefer or like.

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rarely but yes he's been known to use firearms, especially his ult counterpart...

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Steve actually used a gun just last issue of Captain America.

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Cap has used guns a lot 

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only when necesary.......................
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He was a soldier in WW2, he would be insane not to have a gun.

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In WW 2, Cap most definitely used a gun. He has used guns on occasion in modern times, but mostly prefers his shield. He's not above busting a cap.

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@ebuchanan said:
" only when necesary....................... "
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As an infantryman in the WWII U. S. Army, Private Steve Rogers was most likely trained to use a rifle(and has used it on the battlefield), but as Captain America, he usually preferred to use his shield( which was virtually indestructible) as a weapon-remember he was meant to serve as an individual counterpoint to what the Red Skull symbolized(namely the evils of Nazism) NOT simply as a killing machine. That being said, he HAS used a gun but only in situations where his own self-defence or that of innocent people is an issue and his shield is otherwise not available!


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He does.
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Captain America is a trained soldier so using a gun would be second nature to him. Some writers have portrayed him just using the shield combined with the super soldier formula and his own skill he is usually able to deal with most
threats. More resent renditions of Cap have shown him using a gun, and Bucky as Cap is certainly not gun shy.

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he was trained to use a gun so why not?
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Check out Fear Itself book 4 that came out today for your answer.

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well this was War and he needs his shield to stop rounds from varous german weapons he can't throw it or he'd end up getting torn to pieces so the most logical sense is to use a Thompson submachine gun or the M1911 A1 which is the hand gun he uses in that part of the trailer
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Did anyone see the issue where he fights Rhino and fires a rivet gun at him?

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