Does Cap's Page Really Focus on Him?

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I was just kinda skimming through the Cap'n A page and I noticed that probably half the info regards other heroes and villains related to Cap. Somehow that doesn't seem like it should be the focus of the page. Anyone agree?

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Maybe it's because I just skimmed over it, but it seems like most of it is on point. The first few sections are about Cap(Rogers), then there are two about people who used the identity of Captain America (it's a mantle like Robin or Flash). Civil War and his death were major stories for his character, as was the return of the name even if it's not used by Rogers. Red Skull is his original/main enemy and they've fought a lot so he should get a mention. Other enemies might be the only thing that doesn't really belong, but I don't see a problem with it really. There are a lot of stories missing that could be expanded on or added and having those in might make the non-Cap parts seem less significant.

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I don't know if I would have included a section on Red Skull, but that's just my opinion. Otherwise (although I only skimmed it too), it seemed fine to me.

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But its got stuff about Isaiah Bradley and Protocide, two other Super-Soldiers who have their own pages.

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