Create you own Captin America episode

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Create your own episode and just have fun with it!

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Cap from the past comes to the present and learnd about the civil war, he thanks bucky for carry on the cap mantle and the both go to stark.

Cap crys and tells stark he cant believe what hes done to the world he sreams..."your were my brother tony...I loved you...." then he blind sides him with the shield right across the neck! stark falls to ground twitching suffering fatal nerve damage.. Bucky in slight shock states...."I would have done it sooner or later." Cap then leaves bucky to carry on and charges him to fix the superhero community. Cap goes back to his time and states that he will foucs on stark and try everything he can to make sure stark does nt become the man he kill in the future.

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In my eisode Captain America is Steven Rogers. Captain America is fighting Red Skull and Cap needs help so he sends Bucky to get the Fantastic Four(Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm) becuse, he had met them previously. Bucky goes and tells the Fantastic Four that Cap needs help. The Fantastic Fou come to help. Bucky gets hurt. Sue gets knocked out. The rest of the Fantstic Four take Sue back to the Four Freedom's Plaza after they hurt Red Skull to where he still puts up a fight but, isn't a match Cap. Cap thanks them for their help. Then hits Red Skull with his shield and makes him fly into the side of a building. When Red Skull gets back up Cap throw his shield three more then, on the fourth and finial throw Cap finishes Red Skull.

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