Could Marvel make a show like smalllvile based around Cap.America

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I can imagine thor being played by the guy who did aquaman and the guy who playe doliver playing human torch i can even imagine a ironman with a low graded suit and the red skull not realy having a red skull just a tatoo on his chest

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If Done right I wouldn't mind a Nightwing show..about His trials in Bludhaven. But I'm sure they could do a Cap.

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spiderman would be easier

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Lol that show would be terrible

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Hmmmm. I don't think Cap will work on the same level as Smallville. It's safe to say that the Cap series should be adult-oriented. If that's what you mean. On that note, I don't think any TV execs would create this show. Since there's already a live-action movie and the upcoming Avengers.

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hell no.

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it wouldn't last long

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@U R Sofa King We Todd Did said:

spiderman would be easier

This, Captain America in a Smallville like show wouldn't work.

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@HolySerpent said:

Lol that show would be terrible
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A young Peter Parker would work.

A DarkHawk series would work as well.

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I think it could work. But you would have to set it waaay back. Either before or during the war.

A young, scrawny Steve Rogers generally being the underdog but still doing the right thing regardless. Including appearances from early incarnations of S.H.E.I.L.D and characters like Namora and Jimmy Woo.

But sadly, I'm not sure I trust anyone to do it right.

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It appears to me from following ComicVine for a few months that Marvel is in some trouble. I believe that Marvel badly needs to come up with a weekly show that is similiar to Smallville, in that it introduces other Marvel characters from time to time besides the central star of the show. I do not know which Superhero Marvel will choose, but rumor has it that they have settled on the Hulk. Captain America might work, but the idea of a young Peter Parker does seem to have more promise.

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For the people suggesting a young peter parker show, how would it work?

Smallville was about Clark before he became Superman, but part of the reason for why it worked was because Clark always had powers even as a teen. A young Peter Parker show, implies a show about Peter before he became Spider-Man which means no powers, which means a boring show in my opinion.

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A pre-Superman show worked because they showed you what made him how he is. No matter how ridiculous some of the episodes were, that theme was constant. Always doing the right thing. I'm not sure Cap or Peter have that sort angle to it. And with Peter, who wants to watch a kid being relentlessly harassed for years on end? I don't. And Clark has powers to keep it interesting.

I think a young X-Men show would be better. Pick out a few of the bigs (Logan, Scott, Jean, Prof.) and follow them with their paths ultimately intersecting. I don't even like the X-Men but I would watch that.

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@The Stegman said:

it wouldn't last long
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While I am not an X-Men fan, how about a young Professor X? Certainly his mental powers could be used in a variety of ways.

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Unless you mean Cap when he first got deployed into WWII, or some sort of Avengers-type show.. it wouldn't work. Supes and Cap went through two completely different methods of gaining their powers. It'd be a couple seasons of him getting his patriotic butt handed to him by kids three times his size, then abruptly end when he got shot full of super-steroids. Also, he didn't meet Thor for a loooooooong time, and Human Torch wasn't even born yet, same with Iron Man. Anthony didn't complete the suit, Tony did. Spider-Man would be a much easier show to do with the Smallville format.

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A show about puny/frail Steve Rogers getting by while growing up wouldn't be nearly the same as watching Clark Kent discover and hone his powers as they increase while simultaneously learning morality and discipline as he matures. Steve's story as a superhero begins only after he takes the Super-soldier Serum.

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Smallville was an oddity. There've been other prequel shows out there (Star Trek: Enterprise, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Young Hercules, etc.), none of them lasted very long (I doubt a new prequel series, could last as long as Smallville did). Part of the reason, is that those people had yet become whom they'd eventually become (nothing interesting would yet happen). Like others have said, a pre-Captain America series would just be a show about a frail Steve Rogers, growing up and being pushed around. You couldn't have Red Skull show up out of nowhere, as he'd be living in Germany, nor could you have cameos by the majority of Marvel's superheroes, as they haven't been born yet. With a prequel series, you can't go very far (as that would require the main character becoming a superhero, which would mean the story the show's about is over), meaning you'd need to stall everything. Smallville did that and was heavily critizised for it. They ended up with a senario, where Supergirl makes her public debut prior to Superman and Clark working at the Daily Planet, without glasses, for years before becoming Superman (if you thought, glasses was a bad disguise before, imagine a senario, where everyone at the DP already knows what Clark looks like, without glasses). The only reason Smallville survived for ten years, despite low ratings, was because it was on such a small network (whereas a Marvel show would be on ABC).

I've seen some here suggest Peter Parker (pre-Spider-Man), but that would be the same as a show about the young Steve Rogers, just a frail kid getting pushed around. Smallville managed to have Clark tackle criminals and metahumans, this type of a series couldn't do that. As the mythology of Spider-Man is: he got powers and used them for financial gain. He was selfish and let a criminal get away, because he didn't think that he had any responsiblity to do so, leading to a situation where the same criminal ends up killing uncle Ben. If you portray Peter, prior to Ben's death, willing to stick his neck out to help his fellow man, you'd end up with a senario where Peter indeed stopped the burglar the first time they met (hence, Ben wouldn't die). Thus taking the core of Peter Parker's story out.

A prequel series would undoubtably have to make changes. I once saw someone suggest, a pre-WW series, where a teenage Diana comes to Man's World (and goes to High School). When you make such huge changes, you deviate so much from whom this person is, you might've just as well simply have created a brand-new character (as the name "Diana Prince", is all that's left of the source material).

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I think Darkhawk TV series could work. But NOT Young Captain America. Or the show about non-powered Peter Parker.
And Young Wolverine show, while it works power-wise (healing factor, regeneration and bone claws), must be R-Rated.

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I think if Marvel was going to make a show like Smallville it should be Spider-man. And just like Smallville they could bring other Marvel characters to the show like Captain America. I would love to see a Smallville type Spider-man show.

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No, Captain America's name alone would alienate viewers.

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What about Namor, i remember there was a comic book whith him as a teen ager coming to the surface

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It's gonna be very tough to pull off, since they're gonna need to pick the right person to play Steve well

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On Second thought a

Young Dare Devil might be interesting to see. Well before he becomes DD. Let Matt be trained by stick and have him and Foggy as best friends as teens.

Wolverine before the X-men (best chance of being big)

Fanatic Four before they decide to go Public (Make Johnny a teenager, could work but would be hard to pull off)

a Teenage X-men series( another great chance Teens have alot of issues they can play on and X-men are arguably the most popular team in comics)

Dark Hawk before he knew what his armor truly is ( Like I said before angry emotional teenagers speaks volumes)

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Young Daredevil I think is an excellent idea. Or young Spiderman. The key would be that Peter Parker would need to get bitten by the spider, develop his powers, but not go right into full blown costume mode. You could even leave Uncle Ben alive and have the whole show take place following him deal with his powers (and probably easier if he has the organic webshooters), follow him through high school making it sort of like Buffy. And then at the end of high school/ end of the series we kill uncle ben and he becomes Spiderman. Same sort of idea with Daredevil that you drag out his life before his dad is killed.

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i like the young X--Men idea and wolverine would be good if they do it right

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@HolySerpent said:

Lol that show would be terrible

I totally agree.

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It wouldn't work. The whole premise of Smallville was that it was meant to show how Clark not only developed his powers, but how he dealt with their impact on his life and eventually gained the maturity to become Superman. Just because Clark had his powers didn't mean that he was Superman, it was more a metamorphosis of mentality and maturity on his part rather than a singular event. In Steve's case, on the other hand, there was a singular event that gave him his powers and transformed him into Captain America. And it wasn't as if he had to continue on being the farm boy from Kansas that Clark is. He instantly became a super-soldier. The movie basically covered all there is to tell about him and his life prior to the super-soldier serum. A show in the style of Smallville wouldn't work for him.

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