Could Human Torch be in the Cap Movie?

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They've got some choices.

Sharper-eyed users might have noticed that Viper and Arnim Zola were included in the concept designs for the new CAPTAIN AMERICA game that debuted last week. That fact, coupled with some cryptic mentions about Cap having some “familiar allies” in the game, left me wondering if the Human Torch, Union Jack or the Sub-Mariner might show up, as well. I do remember there being a confirmation many months ago that the Invaders would be showing up in the CAP movie, so the possibility wouldn’t be that remote.  

Well, you can be pretty sure that neither Jim Hammond nor Toro will show up in the game. During an interview with Crave, Christos Gage confirmed that the Torch won’t be in it, for sure, because the character’s rights are connected to the FANTASTIC FOUR and Fox currently has dibs on them.  

Actually, I should note the irony that the Human Torch is going to be in this movie regardless of any legalities, because Chris Evan is playing Cap. Ay-oh! 
But let's keep serious. Even without the Torch, there are still plenty of Invaders that can show up. Just off the top of my head, I can think of the Destroyer, the Whizzer, Ms. America, the Thin Man, Spitfire and even the Patriot. Actually, out of all the rumored plot points that have surround this flick, it’s the prospect of seeing the Invaders that has me the most intrigued. I’m sure if they do end up in there, it’d probably be only for a throwaway scene - - but their appearance would provide probably the strongest foreshadowing for the Avengers’ formation.  == TEASER ==
SHIELD won’t need much explanation for a super-team if they already have a reference, right?

Thanks to ckal for the head’s up on this. Now, let’s take this opportunity to put you maniacs in the fantasy producer’s chair. If you were calling the shots for the Cap movie, would you include the Invaders? Or would that make the movie too crowded? And if you only had a choice of, say, three golden age Marvel heroes, who would you pick?

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well had someone like say zach snyder been attached to the project, i think the addition of the invaders would have been epic, but it seems to me that this movie may be going a different route with the character, and i truly hope it doesn't turn out the way it's been playing out to be. The game does look pretty good and I hope the game and movie tie closely together. after all, who wants to be reminded of this:  

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I think Namor will show up.  Not a big part, but will be there long enough for people to notice him. 

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I'd be worried that some of these characters might take too much time explaining, like the Human Torch, an android who burst into living flames and fought during WWII, but he isn't connected to the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four movie.  Might be too complicated, and its not even his movie.
I could see the Bucky, Destroyer, Union Jack, and a few others, being more like background characters who were inspired by Captain America during WWII, without much or any explaining who they are.
What I'd like to see is Cap being the only really super powered character, while characters like Union Jack and Bucky being more like specially trained agents who join him and form the Invaders.  Showing Captain America's influence back then.  Setting him up as the born leader he is and the inspiration he turned into for everyone.
But I wouldn't really have characters like Human Torch, maybe not even the Whizzer, characters who have great super powers like the ability to turn into fire or run faster than humanly possible.
Then Cap is just a highly trained man at the top of human perfection but not superhuman himself.

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I would love to see Union Jack in the movie, and it'd make sense for the British to have their own "symbol" to throw in the fray.  Also, Namor would be cool, but I doubt such a high-profile character would be in the movie alongside Cap, not to mention the need to introduce his back-story would be a bit... messy.

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oooh, big Hammond fan here, don't twist my noodle toy poodle!
gimme something solid not the tease.

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Joe Johnston said that the Invaders would be in the movie briefly but in a very memorable way/scene. I'd have to search for the article for the exact quote, but I specifically remember him saying 'memorable.'
As to who... I'd like to see Union Jack. That would be bad ass. No explanation needed there either.

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Not a bad idea. When he's introduced he should say, "Hi, I'm Jim Hammond. The Original Human Torch." (wink)

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When ever the Invaders are mentioned i always think of the Six Forgotten Warriors from the 1994 Spider-Man series. I really hope they take that line up in to consideration. Here's the line up i would love to see

The Invaders 
1. Captain America - Leader and only one w/ real super powers. 
2. Bucky - sidekick
3. Black Marvel -One of the first African American  Super Heroes
4. Mighty Destroyer -Anti hero
5. Miss America - Girl 
6. Union Jack - British 
I am 100% sure this is going to be the line up. Gut instinct.  But i picture the Invaders as the ones who will do the dirty work so Cap's Image will remain truly heroic.

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meh if they do put the Invaders in it.....whatever it's fine but I would rather it just be about Cap and not have it packed with other supers.
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@Lustwish: Me too, and it'd be nice foreshadowing to a possible Namor movie if (and hopefully when) Marvel starts making movies based on lesser-known characters, like Namor, Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, etc.
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After Cap is revived, I would have him look through some old newspapers and find a front page picture of The Invaders posing with some soldiers, remembering the old days.   
 It would be amazing to see a group shot of The Invaders like that scene in Watchmen. 
I'm excited for next year!

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No just  captain America. Come on guys  just keep it a simple drama war story about an  american solider involving into a super patriot not making it the marvel universe where general people can get confused easily and think its too fan boyish. 

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@geekvine: Come on! This was classic! XD
At least it wasn't the awful Red Brown movies... :/
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I think Namor should be in to get Steve used to dealing with none humans. That way seeing they won't have go through awkward scenes with Thor in The Avengers. Sure keep atleast one funny scene with Thor but that should be it.

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PLEASE! put Namor in this movie!!!
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Maybe just a cameo

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They already said the invaders were going to be in the movie just don't know who and how much actual screen time

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If they were, they should name that movie, "The Invaders" instead.
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He already is

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