Captain and superman and spidey going goth

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I have seen them all in black suits whats with it.I know superman because mass murder in kansas.  after brock became venom peter ma de a black costume.    

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well, that's not actually Captain America 
it's US Agent
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That Black Superman costume is an idiotic concept made for a script that was never okay'd. And you know a script it bad when hollywood pulls the plug on it. Now he has a Black Suit from the Return of Superman that he uses once to absorb more solar radiation, he himself didn't change.   
Superman dons a blue costume with a black and red "S" on it when he's in mourning, but that's it, it looks like the normal costume.
That black suit of Spiderman's is a symbol of how whiny Peter Parker can get. Only time he used it to be a bad ass got retconned to hell. 
So no none of them are "going goth"

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I know it's more about: "hey, look at these BLACK costumes", but  "Going goth" isn't appropriate. Black was a popular fashion trend in the late 80s and early 90's-- not related to "goth culture" at all. It was especially noticeable in sports, as LA Raider and LA Kings gear was popular at the time (especially in hip-hop culture). 
The Chicago White Sox ditched their red/white/purple uniforms for their popular/traditional white/black look circa 1991 and it caught on. The then-new Colorado Rockies gear took a similar design approach. Even the Cardinals and Reds jumped on the black bandwagon by emphasizing black in their uniforms.
Now, if Spidey, "The Captain", Superman, the White Sox, Raiders, Kings, etc all walked around with pale faces, man-kilts and rubber/leather shirts while blasting the Sisters of Mercy, then we could say they were "going goth".

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they dont have anything to do with "goth" 
Cap only wore his black costume when the government fired him and the country had basically abandoned him. spidy didnt make a new suit after eddie became venom, black cat made him a cloth suit after he got rid of the symbiote. supes only wore his black costume when joker became ruler of the earth.
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The comic companies put  everyone in black because black is bad (IN THE GOOD SENSE), and they wanted to capitalize on the real-world trend of the late-80's through the 90's. 
I sure as hell wouldn't call it Goth, though.
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Spidey wore the black suit after he got rid of Venom because he liked the look of the suit, but he got rid of it at MJ's request I think if I'm not mistaken.
After Steve stopped being Captain America (now note that he has done this more than once in his career) he took up this look and went by "The Captain", the uniform later was taken up by John Walker who become U.S.Agent.
Also just because you were black doesn't mean you're "goth or gothic" it's just another color and like with Spidey's costume, it works very well at times. Not to mention that even Bucky's costume is almost all black, plus Black Widow's wears a black leather suit as well but nether of them are anywhere near being goth, it just works looks cool.

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