Captain America vs. Winter Soldier

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Poll: Captain America vs. Winter Soldier (12 votes)

Captain America 42%
Winter Soldier 58%

Bloodlust on

Morals off

Winter Soldier has a sniper rifle, assault rifle, and a handgun

Cap has his shield, Bowie knife, and Tommy gun

Location: empty Times Square


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Bloodlust off, Winter solider is a natural killer. Bloodlust on and morals off? He would be a combination of a pissed of Frank Castle and Batman. Not someone I want to fight. Winter Soldier takes this easily.

What he did to Iron Man.

He would just go to the top of a building and snipe Cap before Cap knew he was there

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First this should be on the Battles board, and second if you're already so sure of who would win, why make the thread (just genuinely curious)? With bloodlust and no morals (which is what the conditions are) Cap is a natural killer too, plus (with the exception of strength) Cap outclasses Winter Soldier in every other category, physically. Cap is also a better H2H fighter (though Winter Soldier is no slouch). I don't really see Cap getting taken down by Winter Soldier sniping him, Cap has tons of bullet dodging feats including dodging some from Winter Soldier himself. In the end it will come down to H2H, and Cap is the better H2H combatant, IMO.

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To see what other people think

But Winter Soldier was a bionic arm that can shoot out bolts of lightning. I don't think Steve has 1 if those. It also allows him unlimited strength

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