Captain America: The Living Legend (Respect Thread)

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Captain America Suit

Tony Stark, master of armors, states that Cap’s suit is ‘good armor’

Has chainmail in his armor,which protects him from vampire bites and bites from Vipor

Misc. equipment

Has access to various SHIELD technology and equipment,such as gravity grips

Uses gadget to disable Jet (blinding flash)

Uses Smoke bombs

Hank Pym built a universal translator in his suit that translates Zola’s creations language

Here it is in action

Captain America Shield

Cap has enough strength with the shield to chop Ultron’s adamantium neck in half

Cap’s strength + shield, shows enough strength to shatter Tony’s Extremis armor - a suit that can take space and deep-sea pressures, and that has tanked a nuke twice without force-fields

Cap’s shield is able to take a blow from Odinforce Thor

Extremis Iron Man finds it hard to throw Cap’s shield

Easily takes missiles

Deflects rocket with his shield

Deflects energy attacks

Super Soldier Serum

SSS enhances his physicals AND mental abilities (his brain)

Captain America doesn’t age normally being that he was stuck in Dimension Z fighting for survival for 12 years and has barely aged.


Captain America throws the shield with enough strength and momentum to KO an enraged Namor. In fairness, it was most likely a lucky shot (Namor’s a 100+ tonner), but still impressive nonetheless.

Cap displays insane control with the shield - first by fizzling off the flame of a lighter, and then by turning it back on again

Cap uses the shield to cage an enemy

Cap is able to deflect a bullet off his photon shield...back to Bucky’s the ceiling...and then straight to the Controller - who was mind-controlling Bucky to shoot the bullet

Cap is able to deflect a flying Mjolnir using his shield

Cap is able to line his shield just right to trigger the explosive armor on an enemy

Simultaneously deflects bullets (with his shield and a shield throw) and dodges bullets

Cap hits Onslaught with the shield, with enough strength to draw blood

Cap flips his shield using his feet, and then tosses it to hit an enemy in the back

Cap throws a shield with enough strength+momentum to rip a tank’s turret straight off

Cap uses the shield tactically

Cap flips his shield with a single blow, timing it just right to shield him from an enemy’s punch

Cap throws his shield, timing it just right to block an innocent in midair

Cap uses his shield to alter Cable’s trajectory and avoid civilian casualties - Cable is impressed at this

Cap reflects his shield to shatter out of some cuffs

Captain America,to Nick Fury’s disbelief,throws a shield at an in-flight ICBM. An ICBM can travel 13-15,000 mph


Captain America vs Crossbones

Captain America vs Gambit

-In this fight,Captain America easily handles the mutant Gambit while talking to Tony Stark (paying him little mind) and dodges all of Gambit’s explosively charged attacks,while also taking Gambit’s explosion that he believed would keep Cap down without any ill effects (doesn’t even looked like it fazed him). Also,Cap can run a 40-yard dash in 3.82 seconds

Captain America does a cool takedown on Nazi Superhuman Master Man using acrobatic ability and also strength by smashing him into a wall with a tackle (while MM was charging)

Stuns griffin with a shield throw and one-shot superhuman Bullet

Cap curbstomps Batroc

Captain America adapts to zero-g combat - surprising Kang, who states that he has mastered the form better than those who’ve trained for decades

Beast, a genius himself, states that Cap is able to master any weapon in seconds

Cap shows that he’s adept at conventional boxing, as he takes on this superhuman fighter

Captain America is able to take out Armadillo using strategy and his environment,his strength,and his agility/speed and overall skill

Cap is able to take down a Namor clone that was able to defeat Torch. This clone was developed by Mr. Sinister, who expresses surprise that Cap was able to defeat it

Cap outfights Lady Deathstrike

Cap defeats an entire room of Cape-Killers, reacting fast enough to dodge their tranquilizers and bullets, and maneuvering fast enough to take them down non-lethally. He is then able to escape by jumping out the room and landing on a plane

Cap easily owns Beast, a 10-tonner-ish

Cap is able to catch a sucker punch from US Agent (10-tonner), and then uses his knowledge of pressure points to inflict immediate pain

Cap, in his less-experienced WWII days, is able to stalemate T’Chaka, Black Panther’s father. T’Chaka is infused with the Heart-shaped Herb here

He uses nerve strikes to KO a superhuman-level werewolf

Cap uses a single nerve cluster touch to KO Viper

Cap knocks out some random scientist with another nerve strike

Cap uses pressure strikes and momentum to throw Professor Hulk out the door

Cap takes on an entire room full of Asgardian trolls (who are easily superhuman, veteran warriors)...and wins

Cap fights Black Panther, and while he wins, it should be noted that Panther was holding back (because both had the Brood inside them, but Panther’s Panther God thing was trying to fight it off). But Cap displays the ability to sense air patterns shifting to detect his opponent, and Panther states that Cap is able to adapt to every fighting style

Captain America is able to defeat three Super-Soldiers, each his physical equivalent (though one of them had a brain aneuyrsm in the middle of the fight)

Cap is able to defeat a fighter who has catalogued ‘every fighting style in the world’

Cap takes out two more Super-Soldiers with ease

Steve Rogers, while depowered to his skinny sickly self, was able to defeat two Super-Soldiers using improvisation and fighting skills

Cap takes down the Rhino, a Spidey foe who can lift 70-100 tons

A somewhat amnesia afflicted Captain America effortlessly tears through a bunch of people after being buried underneath a building. And the last punch sends a soldier flying back and shatters his helmet


Captain America disguised as crossbones fights through a 4 man gauntlet. One of them Nimrod, having a durability rating of 5 out of 7. He then continues to fight the group of unarmed villains and gets away.


Dodges Crossbones energy attack at point blank range and the other when crossbones is directly above him.

Captain America dodges three sonic blasts from Skylark - proving he can react to the speed of sound

Cap dodges lasers at point-blank range

Cap, after being punched into the sky by Warrior Woman (50-tonner), is still able to flip in midair and land on a moving plane

Cap dodges multiple tree-lasers!

Cap dodging lasers in a zero-gravity training session

Able to dodge lasers from flying opponents while he’s in freefall!

After having his legs frozen together by Iceman (up to the thigh), he still has enough strength to hurl himself into midair, flip, and then land perfectly on Bobby Drake

Cap counters Quicksilver

Cap dodges a speedster

Make that two speedsters

Cap tags a being with Quicksilver’s speed

Captain America hits one of Zola’s creations speeding above his head in a flying speeder

Cap Dodges these bullets from very close range. While Fending off opponents, he moves so fast the man standing not 10 feet from him couldn’t hit him and couldn’t even fathom how he moved so quickly

Cap is thrashing this guys teammates right in front of him, and the guy starts squeezing his m-16 from BEHIND cap, notice that the guy hits all of his own men which were on their way down anyway...but cap ends up BEHIND him

Cap explaining that he can see faster than bullets can travel

Moves faster than Dum Dum Dugan can get a bead on him (and dodges gunfire from the 3 of them at once)

Cap hitting trip wires and then dodging the explosion

Blocks random energy attacks with a metal glove,which shows some great hand speed.

Cap trapped in a floor designed to spin with beams coming from all direction.

Cap outruns DiamondBack as we see Cap is so far he's just a spec on the page.

Cap runs past Daredevil like he's a breeze. DD attests that Cap is faster than himself.

Cap hits a flying rammer up close as it was in mid-flight just inches from his face

Cap moves quicker than car thrown by super human armadillo

These advanced tracking balls move quick (it evaded his shield throw),but Cap can tag it.

Cap dodges bullets the second guy doesn't even bother trying from up close.

Cap blocking bullets after they were fired.

Cap tags Whirlwind.

Cap grabs the fast Puma in mid-leap

Cap blocks bullets with a shield throw. Notice the bullets were fired first.

Dodges bullets at point blank range

Cap dodging lots of bullets from automated weapons from multiple gunners at close range with acrobatic ability and speed

Cap slipping between bullets

Cap is cornered by a lot of men on motorcycles who encircle him,the leader then shoots a flamethrower and Cap evades moving so fast that they don’t even see him jump away. A group of men on motorcycles encircle him and he moved so fast that they thought that they had set him on fire.

Cap moves so fast that he confuses the gunner as to where he went

An atlantean cannot keep up with Cap

Cap runs through Nazis before they can even do anything

Moving fast while evading gunfire and blocking it at point distance range

Cap moves with the speed of his shield

Rolls with the force of a concussive blast

Cap still slipping through beams

Dodging laser blasts from robots like it’s nothing

Cap moves so fast that these guys barely even see him flip right past him,which leaves them confused (and they were waiting for him,all while dodging gunfire)

Leaps two stories on to rooftop of another building

Cap dodging gun fire from multiple terrorists;

and then from a helicopter;

More from terrorists;

Cap believes he'd survive the crash of the train, resulting in the explosions of a dirty bomb, including TONS of C4.

Leaps out of a moving 'hover car' onto a jet and disarms it;

Dodging energy weapons. Or, better yet, saving bucky from energy weapons;

Dodging bullets in midair;

More bullet dodging;

More bullet dodging;

Twenty miles? Nothing to Cap; he's just warmed up to work on the heavy bag.

Cap's not agile? Simultaneously taking out four guys;


Cap easily withstands a 200 ft fall.

Cap handles this nuclear furnace.

Survives a big explosion.

Without shield survives a extreme high airplane crash.

Jumps out of helicopter leaves small foot craters on ground.

Jumps out of helicopter onto vehicle.

High quint-jet fall strikes Onslaught on the way down.

Cap falls, notice the Quinjet is close to the buildings height.

Cap falls, releases from parachute.

Another release from parachute.

Cap jumps off a building through the glass of another building and lands on the ground of the the second building.

High building fall.

Building fall.

Cap falls from two or three hundred feet before crashing in the ocean.

Falls off a building to the top of another building.

Fall from a high-Shield building.

Building jump to another.

Nasty elevator crash.

Leaps out of a crashing plane into the ocean.

Insane fall traveling over 100 mph, lands on the hard Thing Ben Grimm.

Fall into ocean.

Canon ball crash into ocean.

Falls ontop of a Shield Sub?

Gets hit by a vehicle going 40 mph, doesn't hurt him much.

Survives being crushed by Dragon Man.

Entire building falls down as Cap, as the Red Scull uses Cap's durable body as the wrecking ball "ouch".

Cap takes a nasty beating from Namor.

Cap takes a nasty beating from a blood lusted Ironman.

Even worse in Civil War attacks from Spiderman/Ironman and then some.

Air Walker herald of Galactus blasts all 3 Cap, Ironman and even yes Thor. Cap takes the brunt of the blast as it engulfs all of them in it. In the end its Cap who's carrying both Ironman and Thor.

Cap with his shield has blocked lots of things like explosions to even hits from Hulk and Thor. Most don't consider it too impressive because the shield absorbs the impact, but lets see how a regular person does who blocks two direct hits right on the shield.

Takes a beating from Namor when they first met. You can see the boulders being smashed to pieces and Captain America’s bare skin is hitting them.

Captain America takes a punch from an enraged Namor and also has his arm broken by Namor and still stands afterwards

Captain America outsmarts a trap designed to capture Skrulls - by falling down onto an elevator

Falls great height and gets back up next second

Takes beating from Zola creations

And manages to beat one,but gets cut open in the process

Takes hit (and powerful pounding) from Zola’s genetic creations. These are different from the others because they are from his SSS DNA and were created through negatively charged gamma rays

Takes powerful kick from Jet Zola,who has super strength

And then takes more punches from her

To give you an idea of her strength,she easily rips through metal doors

And then kills two Zola creatures with one hit

Falls another height on to a ledge

then wakes up and climbs after

Then gets a blade and cuts open a huge hole in his chest to rid (most of) Zola’s influence (The Zola virus) from his body (since much of it is still in his body afterwards)

Still losing blood from the deep wound,meanwhile the Zola virus is still in him and regrouping

Falls from ANOTHER great height

Then gets shot in his side

Here,he takes beating from Gamma charged clones (Zola’s creations),and then proceeds to kick it in the mouth and beat it down (which hurts it and sends it back a few feet),all of this while losing even more blood (he’s actually lost too much,to the point that his vision is fading)

He then impales it with his shield and then sends it flying back with a powerful blow,knocking it out. However,he then takes a hard blow from behind with metal bars from Ian Zola (who has Super strength,and sends Steve flying back after one hit)

And then again,and then gets up shortly after

Takes another hit from Ian Zola,which sends him flying back

And is then impaled in the back with a spiked shield

Then falls another great height and hits metal structures along the way.

Cap gets beat up by a super suit-wearing Red Skull (getting smashed through walls and such) and the entire building falls on him.

And after all that,he only has a few cuts and bruises and has an arm in a sling

Cap doesn’t need a parachute. He leaps from a great height from a helicopter and lands on his feet shattering the surrounding concrete and is completely fine.


Cap is in a car filled with assault rifle rounds,which hit him and Captain America doesn’t have on his suit or his shield meaning this is just him taking these rounds and he takes 7 in just one arm. Not to mention the other ones he catches.... and he is unaffected, he never squirms or winces, in fact he starts shooting back as if the bullets arent even there. And in the next panel he is completely fine.

Survives lethal electrocution


"My metabolism doesn't let me get drunk.

"I don't get drunk I can't."

Keeps up with Logan in drinking as they already been to 5 other bars.

John Steele who can throw jeeps like baseballs and has bullet proof skin does a elbow strike on Steve's leg. As Steve tells Beast "I heal fast".

Cap's hands are burnt bad in the fires. They'll heal once were out of here.

Cap got burned from alien tech. "Amazing his burns are already healing".

Bullet to the shoulder no worries for Cap. "I heal fast" "I'm built that way"

Cap handles poison.

Was offered paramedics for being in a bad explosion. Cap's answer "not necessary"

Cap takes a thrashing from Namor. Namor impressed how quickly Cap recovers.

(Cap was going to go another round with Namor later on)

A alien agent was affecting many including super humans like She-Hulk, but not Captain America.

An aging formula that makes you old an die affect Cap and the Red Skull. It eventually killed off RS as he couldn't handle a fight with Cap(Red Skull didn't have a cloned body of Cap yet.) But Cap mentions the SSS is what is keeping him alive despite it rapidly aging him.

A process to turn men into perfect woman was tried on Captain America and superhuman Paladin. Notice there more worried about Captain America.

(his mental acuity is drastically decreased but she's still worried about Cap)

(SSS could resist it. Near toxic levels, increase the level.)

(Enough sedative to kill a horse but not Cap)

Again a lethal virus created by the Red Skull. It killed more then 1000's and affected She Hulk badly as it put others like Scott(Cyclops) in medical care for a long time. Cap was exposed to it throughout most of Black Panthers/Ironmans fight with Skull.

Remember the punishment Cap took in Civil War he recovers rather quickly for his rematch with Ironman.

And hear Cap looks healthy despite what he took previous as he even has the advantage on "Extremis" Ironman. Tony's even down and puking.

Bullet to the head lots of blood splattered. Steve died and healed a bullet to the head.

The SSS grants slowed aging and Cap's other enhancement from WW2.

Sersi a eternal notes Cap like her is "ever youthful" as she can wait for Steve.

Other SSS characters find out his father has slowed aging due the SSS.(Josiaha/Isaiha)

Cap is eternal like Hydra. Which helps explain why Cap always comes back from the dead.

Old issue Cap contemplating possibly being alone forever.


A combination of reflexes and strength,he manages to throw his shield to deflect a torpedo upwards and then catch it

Lifts fallen tree over his head

After just gaining his peak attributes,Captain America jumps approximately 10 ft (or more) to catch Dr. Erskine’s killer.

Cap has enough strength to carry the adamantium-skeleton Logan (300 lbs) and super-strong Ms. Marvel (124lbs) - fast enough to dodge a near-point blank hail of bullets

Cap is able to force an underwater Namor (who is mind-controlled) to release his grip - twice!

Cap pulls down an entire small helicopter with 2 men inside using strength,sending them crashing through the windshield.

Cap (in his black Captain suit), knocks out the 10-tonner John Walker

Angered,Cap is able to beat up a super-strong Kree warrior (doesn’t have a shield)

After being stabbed in the chest with a huge needle filled with dope/sleeping agents,he rips through steel restrainers and throws his shield through Zola’s machinery with enough strength to destroy them in a consecutive path.

Throws shield with enough strength to split Zola creature’s head in two

Literally rips through truck completely with a shield throw

Rips arm off of robot designed to withstand regiments

Cap breaking out of ice without any leverage or momentum

Captain America catches Big Bertha (750 lbs) and then throws her at a nearby villain

A skyscraper falls on them and the only hope Cap has is using the impact absorbing shield. That scan makes it clear that it can only take so much of that weight. This shield absorbs the force/impact and momentum but it doesn't make that weight magically "disappear". This is a momentous feat for sure. As it states the rest of the weight is being held up by the mightiest will on the planet.

Cap holds up debris while shielding another person and then breaks free

Cap holds up falling concrete and steel while shielding Constrictor

Cap carrying large telephone pole with transformer attached to it

Pushes head of soldier against wall with one hand,which shatters the wall

Lifts motorcycle over his head

Cap holding strong arms of Lady Octopus

Cap restrains Wolverine (who only gets out via headbutt)

And restrains him again

The Superhuman Berserk tilts a car over Cap, as we see later the car is upright.

Breaks out of SHIELD containment device

Bends flap of jet from outside

Cap pulling a supply truck through the desert

Even with an injured shoulder (shot),Captain America breaks down steel door

Stops a falling elevator with his shield by applying enough force on outside (enough force to stop it)

Cap closing nuclear launch doors

Cap keeps open the Gamma-Core emergency door, huge doors that self-shut for emergency.



Cap lifts a big piece of debris off.

Cap easily deflects a statue thats stated to weigh a Ton or more.

Cap tilts over a big heavy statue that he's chained up too.

Lifts a huge block of concrete over his head and throws it on a sniper on a rooftop at a far distance


Captain America states that he has didactic memory - he is able to remember every tactic and every face and moment of his life

Cap shows enough intelligence to break into top-secret military records

Quentin Quire tries to peep inside Cap’s mind, and Cap dares him to try to telepathically invade him (showing he has telepathic defenses):

Cap is worthy to lift Mjolnir, a feat that only a few (Beta Ray Bill, Eric Masterson among others) have accomplished

Cap is able to use observation to deduce multiple truths about Spidey, in their first appearance

Captain America using his sheer willpower and Super Soldier Serum to recover from being shot in the head and pronounced dead for 12 minutes

Able to counter Starfox’s powerful pheromone ability (which worked on She Hulk) that works through pleasure stimulation

Captain America resisting and breaking free of the influence of Honest John (which was capable of taking control over Thor)

Cap uses stealth to get the drop on Crossbones (literally)

Cap uses momentum from force of blow from Eric Masterson’s attack to quickly recover and direct himself back at Eric in an attack that he believed would’ve been devastating


This thread could not have been made without the hard work of @veshark, Cameron83, Sage Mode aka Killer Bee (over at and Saotome (over at

If you like this page, please visit the respect thread for Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier here:

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@veshark @cameron83

It's still a preliminary post. But this is the gist of it. There might be some double posts, if there are please help and point it out to me.

If there are any scans I do not have here that anyone would like to share, please PM or message me here and I will do my best to edit and update the OP in a timely manner.

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@slimj87d said:

@veshark @cameron83

It's still a preliminary post. But this is the gist of it. There might be some double posts, if there are please help and point it out to me.

If there are any scans I do not have here that anyone would like to share, please PM or message me here and I will do my best to edit and update the OP in a timely manner.

This thread is awesome!

A thread that captain america has needed on the vine for a LONG time.

Good job,and I will update it when I can with new scans that were not covered if I can.

And we should update with scans from Infinity and Hickman's run along with various other ones,like the tons of ones (also strategic ones) in Civil War and other miscellaneous comics (like singular issues).

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Whoahoho this is great! Nice job!

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WOOT WOOT. Cap is up!

We kinda need to edit and clean through the post a bit though. There are some duplicate feats, some feats that have yet to be posted, and a lot of inaccurate statements (my fault in some) and context that need to be noted.

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Damn Cap finally has a worthy respect thread for his feats! I wish I had this available when I did that Kraven vs Cap debate with ComicStooge. In any case, I'm gonna enjoy siphoning through these feats later.

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@cameron83: It's hard to say if that's due to the SSS. It could be that her hearing isn't good. Would you agree?

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@slimj87d said:

@cameron83: It's hard to say if that's due to the SSS. It could be that her hearing isn't good. Would you agree?

But still,I think it was meant to show his great hearing of those vehicles from far away,but I guess that that CAN be said about her. But at the same time,we're supposed to assume that she has average human capabilities.

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Epic thread.

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Ah,you found it :)

Thank you so much for commenting!

We will add new stuff when we can!

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Two feats that I wanted to add. Remember when Hyde rammed Cap at 40 mph with a cargo van as it didn't even phase Cap? Here Cap gets rammed by a super big rig as you see the face impact on it. This was unable to KO Steve!

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Super jump Cap makes it at the top of the ship, it also appears he got burnt by the heat engines.

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@krauser99: Thanks, @cameron83 will have to add it to his second post.

For some reason, you can't edit OP anymore. This site got much worse ever since they revamped it.

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Some golden age era super feats. Stops a car easily and back hands groups of people on both sides.

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Here is a cool strength feat. What's funny is I saw another superhuman in the same situation recently and he could not do anything but knock on it like a door until they opened it for him(Angel the vampire series). Submarine under water.

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Sick thread, man.


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