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So a Mr. Deadpool started a thread about a Captain America The Animated Series, and I replied giving my own idea about a Captain America animated series. I'm just wondering if you could make up your own animated series how would you do it?

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The series cud probably start of where he is found frozen and cud take place in modern times with flashback episodes or moments of world war 2. I wish cap had his own animated series with an animation style similar to young justice. The problem is imo, that Cap was found by the avengers and is usually associated with Shield. Unlike Supe and bats who can operate by themselves without any problems a captain series would need the introduction of the avengers and shield since hes still a man out of time and needs resources/equipment and intelligence to combat his threats. The introduction of the invaders and bucky etc would be no problem since they would be introduced in the world war 2 scenes. I'm not sure however if a series can have episodes with cap being unfrozen and going on missions without some connection to the avengers, shield or nick fury. I know that his discovery was a pivotal moment in avengers history but the show may end up becoming too cluttered due to a large supporting cast or cap may seem too dependent on other heroes or organizations.

These concerns aside i do hope that marvel gives him a chance to star in his own series but it doesn't seem likely in the near future with ultimate spidey an the new hulk series. i'm sure another xmen is on the horizon so i guess avengers emh (which is awesome btw) will have to do. and he is confirmed to appear in ultimate spidey so thats cool.

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Why start when he is frozen? why not start off with his creation during world war ii and have his adventures during world war ii and work up to him being frozen?

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That wud be just as awesome imo. It thought it wud probably be easier to start in modern times since starting from ww2 (including all his adventures) up til being frozen and then waking up in modern times might be to dramatic a change thematically and character-wise. In modern times he would also be able to reflect upon world war 2 events and reveal connections and parallels the viewer wouldn't be aware of. I have no problem however with it starting in ww2 leading up to modern times throughout its run- i just thought starting in the present wud appeal more to general audiences since cap would be a man out of time and brooding about the loss of bucky. Personally though, be it ww2,presently or both, the more cap the better. Once the storyline and animation are great and faithful enough to the comics I don't think I'd have a problem no matter which period they choose to start.

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If it's animated?

  • Stars Steve Rogers, Nick Fury (616), Agent Carter, and Falcon for the first few seasons. Bucky becomes a recurring character by the 3rd season.
  • Guest stars include various Avengers members such as Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Wolverine, etc.
  • The first 3 episodes will explain who Steve Rogers is, and how he came into the modern world.
  • Villains will range from Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Arnim Zola, etc. Cap will also be shutting down Nazis, HYDRA, and AIM.
  • The Weapon X program and what happened to Isiah Bradley will be addressed.
  • There will be short episodes dedicated to the Patriot and Cap's WWII missions.
  • The third season introduces Winter Soldier, revealed to be Bucky in the season finale.
  • After a two-part Civil War animated film, it ends with Captain America's death. This resumes in Captain America, Season 4.
  • About midway through the series, Bucky steps up and fills in his role as the next Captain America.
  • This continues until the 6th season, where Steve Rogers returns in a 4 part episode about his being trapped in time.
  • This 4 part episode ends with the death of Red Skull. His daughter Sin becomes a major villain.
  • Steve becomes director of shield, assuming Nick Fury's role, and Bucky continues to be Captain America for the remainder of the series.

If it's live action?

It takes place entirely in WWII and the series ends with Captain America frozen.

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@Gambit1024: So live action would be like Smallville with the exception being we actually see him in the costume.

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@Mr. Dead Pool: Kind of. But being in WWII, Cap will be on missions in almost every episodes either alone, with Bucky, or the other heroes of the era (Human Torch, Namor, Union Jack, etc.) He'll be in costume (think Ultimate WWII) and he will be using firearms, shooting Nazis, etc. He'll always be called Captain America (unlike Smallville, where they didn't call him Superman until the series finale)

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I like your idea Gambit1024

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@vandinejd_1991 said:

I like your idea Gambit1024


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