Captain America Talks Back To Red Skull In New TV Spot

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It's never too early to catch a glimpse at Marvel's upcoming movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, right? Recently Paramount and Marvel revealed all new TV spots showcasing the hero in his upcoming movie- and that includes a glimpse at some brand new footage for fans to drool over. Okay, so maybe I'm the only one drooling. In these new TV spots we see Captain America talking back to Red Skull and getting a little hot and heavy with one of the nurses. What do you guys think of the latest Captain America TV spots? Are you looking forward to the movie? Check out the two latest TV spots below and let us know what you think!

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Thanks to fbdarkangel for the tip.
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Believe me, Babs, you're not the only one drooling!

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Wow, good stuff...

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also ...

Cap vs. Skull
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I've seen the trailer, I know I'm gonna go see the movie.  These spots reveal way too much and there's too many of them.
The Thor one had spoilers of a certain character.
-The Mast

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pfff... boring...

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this movie can't come soon enough

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COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!! was I the only one who noticed that the first clip had music from the Iron Man soundtrack.

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I loved the response.. that is so Cap.

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@Babs said:

 Thanks to fbdarkangel for the tip.
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Kind of weak trailers. I like Captain America so i'll still see it.  I want it to be good...just not as good as Green Lantern. 
omgggg he's sooo dreamyy :) 

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That was pretty tight.
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cannot wait
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Seeing it! Seeing it! Seeing it!

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Awesome! Can't wait!
And what's up with all these pics in the coments? Stop that guys! Don't turn Comicvine into "youtube poop"!

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"I'm just a kid from Brooklyn." 
Excellent....  Where's my picture of Mr. Burns?... 
@Eyz said:

And what's up with all these pics in the coments? Stop that guys!  
Oh, you're no fun.
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@dorsk188: Okay okay, continue guys. Go on~
(called no fun, I won't allow that! :P)
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Awesome. Cap is the man. No matter what country you're from, or how bad every other hero's title might be sucking, Steve Rogers is always the man.

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So the Red Skull has no accent, just a raspy voice? Lame.
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@Mbecks14 said:
Kind of weak trailers.
feeling this as well. doesn't look bad at all, but kind of mediocre from what I'm seeing.
Evans looks great though.
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@Icemizer said:
So the Red Skull has no accent, just a raspy voice? Lame.
Everything else was awesome and I will love this movie but yeah, I noticed no German accent for Magneto in XMFC and wrote it off as "well he's just got perfect accents in all languages" but now I'm wondering if hollywood is afraid we won't understand someone with a German accent.
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Nice:D At first I was skeptical about Evans playing cap.. now I feel he deserves a shot of this. I hope I won't regret I said that when this comes out.

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Cap vs. skull..... Its on in July!

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 It will be better than Green Lantern though, not that it's hard. Heh.
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Skull wouldn't have an accent though. 
It's not hard to belive that he trained himself to be Fluent.

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