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Hello all! I need help I have been away from Cap. for some time now and it's been intimated to me that I should come back. With that I've been told to basically start with Brubaker's run on Cap. Now I get most of my TPB's from my local library and they seem to have MOST if not all current and former Captain America trades. SO, can someone give me a good and definitive list or starting point for Brubaker and Cap, or have ANY other suggestions on where to start. I am not a newcomer to Captain America I have a lot issues of his from the 80's into the 90's. Help!

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I've not read much Cap (though I'm forever suffering from Cap Fancy ;}) But from what I've heard, Brubaker's run is in fact where you should start again. 

BTW -- congrats on your first post!!! ;}
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Here's the entire Brubaker run in order. You won't be sorry, you picked a great time to get back into Cap.


Captain America: Winter Soldier: Book One 
Captain America: Winter Soldier: Book Two  
Captain America: Red Menace: Book One 
Captain America: Red Menace: Book Two 
Captain America: Civil War 
The Death of Captain America Vol. 1: Death of a Dream 
The Death of Captain America Vol. 2: The Burden of Dreams 
The Death of Captain America Vol. 3: The Man Who Bought America 
Captain America: The Man with no Face 
Captain America: Road to Reborn 
Captain America: Reborn 
Captain America: Two Americas

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier 
Captain America: No Escape 

Captain America: The Trial of Captain America (TPB comes out next month)


I added the Steve Rogers trade since it's also written by Brubaker and somewhat ties into the other Cap stories. Hope this helps and enjoy!

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sorry about the spacing at the end of my list, don't know why it did that lol

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