Captain America one of BEST comic movies ever!

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YEAH IT IS!!!!!!!! This movie has made me put Cap on my favorites!!! I always liked him but this put him over the edge!!!!USA! USA! USA!!  

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I don't know about best  ever but I thought it was an extremely good movie and definantly in the top five marvel films of all time.
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@GTG12: I say it's the best when it makes you put the character on your favs!!! I mean I always liked Cap but this movie made him favorite material!
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Really? better than Green Lantern? lol.

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Well I just seen the movie today and i like it so maybe I will read his comics.

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Great except the guy who played Dum Dum was to  out of character ;/
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Definitely one of the better ones.  
My Top 5: 
5. Spider-Man 
4. Thor
3. Captain America
2. X-Men: First Class 
1. Iron Man

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@TheCheeseStabber said:
Great except the guy who played Dum Dum was to  out of character ;/

Really? I actually thought Neal McDonaugh was a pretty good Dum Dum. 
And it was an awesome comic movie definately my #1 favorite.  
Captain America is freaking AWESOME
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I liked it better than Iron man but I've always liked Cap better cause Tony may have cooler toys but that don't make him any less of a douche which just makes Cap easier to root for 

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Saw it today thought it was great only thing I wish it had...was more.

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@TheCheeseStabber said:
Great except the guy who played Dum Dum was to  out of character ;/
I think he did a good job as Dum Dum... but I am curious what was out of character for him? I mean he was really only on screen for what like three minutes total? The only difference I saw was he wasn't a strong man from a traveling circus.
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It's definitely one of my top favorites.

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i would place it on the good side of comic book super hero movies, but far from the top for me.
1. Iron Man   
3.Batman (Burton) (was a young kid when released, so will not argue that it is all because of nostalgia)
4.Hellboy 2
5.X-Men 2 
Marvel only
1.Iron Man
2.X-men 2
3.First Class

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1. Incredible Hulk
2. Thor
3. Captain America
4. Iron Man
5. Iron Man 2

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I thought Thor was possibly Marvel's best movie when I saw it but now I think Captain America was even better!

Someone said on another thread the ending seemed a little crammed, having Cap unfrozen and brought into modern day.   I do agree that it would have been better if they learned he was still alive in the Avengers... still a totally awesome movie!

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@Mr. Dead Pool
He was already my favorite before I watched the movie lol.
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if i read my comis correctly with DUMDUM hes usually a very quite character no real jokes justt kinda strong silent type with acool hat..
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Loved it! Excellent job on Marvels part and almost made up for the awful X-Men movies.
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Right up there with dark knight, Ironman and Spiderman 2.

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The was in my opinion the best Comic based movie this year. There was a good story, good actors, some humor, especially the USO shows and heaps of action that related to the story and not action for actions sake.
Well Done.

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