Captain America is really a peak human?

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#51 Posted by tg1982 (2734 posts) - - Show Bio

I feel that he is stronger than the strongest human, currently, (faster than the fastest etc, etc), he is as strong as a human can EVER be, he is at the pinnicle peak of human perfection, he is stated as being the next step in human EVOLUTION, we as humans haven't evolved to his level yet, at least that's how I've always understood it.

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Batman should be at the level of a great Olympic level athlete while Cap should be at the greatest level possible. In comics that is very close but in real life it probably would not be. Batman admitted that Cap would win if they fought hand to hand but it would take Cap a long time. Cap can fight for days without getting tired. Batman will be exhausted after 24 hours (give or take a few). Batman trained himself in modern science to a high level. Cap was stuck in an ice cube for half his life and probably doesn't have much better than basic science knowledge. Cap probably could reach genius level but has never shown any great interest or need to do so. ____ Cap and Batman are not equals... It's just that they have trained in different areas which compliment eachother. Cap can lift something like 4000lbs while Batman can lift around 1500. ______. Also Cap does have some mental enhancement! His memory was improved. How else do you think he learned all those fighting skills? This guy went to basic training ... That's it, But he's a master at multipal martial arts? That would mean that he would need near total recall in order to achieve all of this in such a small amount of time...

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All human beings use 100% of their brain at all times, its a scientific fact, The whole idea of us only using 10% of our brain came about before they invented brain scans. You use around 11% for conscious thought, the other 89% is running your bodily functions such as breathing, sweating and digestion. So this whole conversation is pointless

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"they say he is at peak physical condition for a human, but his feats seem to go beyond that, he is able to throw his shield with such an immense amount of force that it ricochets off of people and doesnt noticeably lose velocity,"................ That has nothing to do with stregnth , he has a vibranium shield.... His shield absorbs impact greater than the force created by a nuke. That means the shield will bounce off of things until it runs out of energy from the throw or is caught. The times when the shelled has stopped on impact are simply because Cap only threw the Sheild hard enough to hit the target but not hard enough to continue or return. If Hulk ever throws Cap's Sheild it would be a very very long time before it would land :)

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@Enosisik: people say any information from the amalgam or jla/avengers crossover doesnt count, but i liked when batman concluded that, than just fighting. its pretty in-charcter

#56 Posted by Enosisik (1153 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman & Cap were written pretty accurate and I think most comics fans agree that Cap should win in a hard toe to toe fight between the two . Certain things in the crossovers were just written for plot but there was a lot of legit info in them.

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@tg1982 said:

I feel that he is stronger than the strongest human, currently, (faster than the fastest etc, etc), he is as strong as a human can EVER be, he is at the pinnicle peak of human perfection, he is stated as being the next step in human EVOLUTION, we as humans haven't evolved to his level yet, at least that's how I've always understood it.

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That's essentially the way Ed Brubaker explained it -

Cap is above the highest level Olympic athlete and represents what humans could evolve into. However, he's repeatedly shown superhuman feats, such as bending/breaking a thick steel door and being able to "see faster" and dodge bullets. Dodging bullets is something any human hero can do via random movement. Seeing and reacting is completely different. He can run a mile in one minute, but can't sustain that speed for any longer. And obviously, his strength is what I would call "Enhanced" and borders on superhuman. He doesn't tire so I'd say his endurance is definitely superhuman because of the SSS.

Basically, I don't think Cap fits with "peak human" because of others that are considered peak and the multiple interpretations of what peak really means. I think Enhanced is a better way to describe him.

And let's not forget...... he's just a respect-demanding baddass.......

Fear Itself #6
#58 Posted by tg1982 (2734 posts) - - Show Bio

@ThanoStomp: Totally, even in the comics it's said that "He's the next step in human evolution." So honestly to think that anyone could "train" themselves to be on his level in ALL categories is rediculous, IMO, when as humans we haven't evolved to that level yet, and even if we did, he is still at the PEAK of that evolved level as well. At least that is my opinion on all of this.

#59 Posted by Hyperlight (6950 posts) - - Show Bio

@tg1982: i look at it this way.... at this point in time and in human evolution.. natural humans can only be so powerful physically. Cap was maximized to reach that artificially. As time goes on... the "peak human" stats will change and grow. thousands of years from now... everybody will be born with the physical abilities of captain america and that will no longer be considered peak human because all average humans will be that powerful

#60 Posted by tg1982 (2734 posts) - - Show Bio

@Hyperlight: I see what your saying. I just always looked at it like as humans keep evolving we keep getting physically better and better, you can see it today, look at ahtletes like Ray Nitschke, in the 60's he was one of most dominants linebacker in the history of the NFL, now look at Ray Lewis, he's stronger, faster and that's only a few decades of time. And I feel that Cap is already at the next step of evolution of humans (if not the final stage) and is peak human in that phase of evolution. One question I have is does/will the SSS evolve with him? As humans keep evolving to be stronger,faster, better than what we are will the SSS keep evolving, for lack of a better term, to keep him in the peak form? That would be something interesting for writer to explore, maybe down the line.

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I doubt it.... Cap genetics are already maxed out.... his genetics cant get better within his own lifetime ( even though he will probably live a long time). His genetic would have to be changed into something post human for him to get better,

#62 Posted by HushoftheWind (1128 posts) - - Show Bio

@serum: I dont get how can't Batman be peak of human perfection, he put and the time, effort, and knowledge to build himself up a peak human, you can't take that status away from him. Hell him and Cap are billed for being around the same strength level. With Cap pressing around 1200 lbs and Bats pressing at least 1000lbs.

#63 Posted by krauser99 (826 posts) - - Show Bio

@zj said:

The super serum affected Cap physically - not mentally. Even using "comic book science" just improving you physically does not necessarily grant you mental powers.

Although Steve has no mind powers. The SSS did indeed enhance his mind.

Cap v1 #1 Speaks about a mind enhancement.

When Cap fought a opponent created to kill him specifically The Super Android, Cap stated he may be physically more powerful(Android had Hercules strength and Quicksilvers speed) then me but he can't think as fast as me.

Cap also in a annual while fighting terrorist cited his enhanced mind has a perfect recall memory and his gift is a curse that he can remember every detail of a horrific incident.

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@pooty said:

@serum: Captain America had the super soldier serum removed during a blood transfusion in the eighties. WHen Nancy Reagan was all against drugs. hank Pym offered to give it back to him and Cap said "If i can't say no, then who can". So he is doing all this on his own now. He is peak by marvel standards. Batman is peak by DC standards and Zangief is peak by Capcom standards.

The SSS was gone for a brief time but later Cap found out the SSS was not just a drug more like flu shot. The SSS is a virus and it returned and gave Cap all his SSS abilities in Mark Gruenwalds run and in some other prior runs. The SSS is permanently encoded into Steves system.

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@serum: Actually that's just a myth. Humans actually do use 100% of their brain. Except for the subconscious mind.

#66 Posted by GWHH (594 posts) - - Show Bio

@hughjass: it's only body for him. Not mental. But that a good observation. I just always assume it was his body. Never give the mind any thought.

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I love Captain America...but he's superhuman and beyond peak human.

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Hey guys?

comic books.

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There was another super soldier that got his mental powers instead of physical

I just feel like that Steve Rogers is stronger than a perfect human other wise black panther or other characters would be just as strong or even stronger.

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Captain America's physiology has been enhanced, from human to superhuman, and in some ways beyond human, or metahuman. He can perform at superhuman levels in all aspects of humanoid activity, and certain parts of his body are metahuman.

He's on the cusp of superhuman and metahuman (Batman is superhuman, Spider-Man is metahuman).

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Captain America sucks

#73 Posted by DarthMummy (1103 posts) - - Show Bio

@shaokahn said:

Captain America sucks

Ok I'll bite. How so?

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