Captain America: First Avenger goes Indiana Jones?

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New 'Captain America: First Avenger' news!

 New poster!
First of all, a new poster has come out very similar to the one who has been posted before by G-Man but with a couple of twists nonetheless. Personally I prefer the other one. And an interesting piece of information comes from the Herocomplex site who managed to get their hands on some information from the director Joe Johnston. One quote I found particularly interesting: 

“Sometimes when we had questions and we were stuck we would say, ‘What would Indiana Jones do? What would be the answer to this in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”?’ I’ve always loved ‘Raiders’ and the great achievement of it was the tone and the fresh feeling of the movie."

Now i'm a huge fan of Indy so for me this is only good news! Plus I think the atmosphere of the Indiana Jones movies would lend itself well for the Captain America movie.
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At least they looked in the right direction when they question how something should be. I couldn't really think of a better movie for a Captain America movie to look to then Raiders, except maybe Last Crusade.

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@Nova`Prime`: Last Crusade works well too =)
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That does look like an Indy poster, lol 

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