Captain America and Marvel?

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Would Captain America still be popular today if it wasn’t for Stan Lee’s Marvel’s living in the same universe? I would like think so but I look at The Shield, Fighting American, General Glory, and many others and question if any of them would be just as popular if they were in the Marvel U instead of Captain America? Well what is your opinion?

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I dont think they wouldve done as well as Cap... The only way i could see that happening is if they were created at the same time as cap

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Yes, he'd have been just as popular.
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I don't think he would have been as popular because he would have been entirely one dimensional. I think his resurgence on the Avengers is what perpetuated his popularity. That added so many possibilities to explore with Cap and so many new enemies and adventures. If he continued fighting WW2 he would be the Jonah Hex of the Marvel universe. Pretty cool, but forever stuck in his own era and mythos.

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Definitely not! As great a character as CA has become over 70 years, it was the way he was handled and reintroduced in the 60's that blew him up and firmly established him as THE patriotic American hero. His portrayal as a man out of time, from the "greatest generation" who had reached legendary status but is still haunted by his failure to save his partner and struggling to come to terms with a world he was not familiar with came off as more complex and interesting than anything that was being done with those other characters at the same time (if they were even in use, which some were not). CA had all the hallmarks of classic Silver Age Marvel. Any other similar character comes off as a parody or rip-off.

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no but Lee made him what he is today
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i'm not sure


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