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Holy cow.  This trailer was so dissapointing to me.  I mean I knew that when Chris Evans was cast as Steve "Cap" Rogers things were looking bleek, but oh my god.  I feel like it's making Cap out to be some jokester type, when he is anything but.  I hate the two things that every comic movie does wrong when they make up a love interest and they try to break up the script with humor.  This is supposed to be set in WW2!  The worst time in human history.  Could we maybe take that seriously? I know its only the trailer, but this Chris Evans did not set the world on fire (pun intended) during those Fantastic Four flims(intentional mispelling). So besides the fact that this jokester dude get roided up to play cap, I just don't see him making me believe that HE is the Steve Rogers all us marvel fans know is the absolute core of the marvel universe.  Especially next to Downey as Stark.  The rest are pretty suspect at this point too.  Especially replacing Norton!  Incredible Hulk rocked, especially Tim Roth!  I'm just hoping for the best, but I swear I saw a homemade cap trailer on youtube that looked better than the Chris Evans one.  I sh*t you not!  Peace Cap and Bucky fans, and all anti registration patriots!  Peace drones. 
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Cosmic Cube = OMFG.

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