Cap Turns Down A Women Offer For The Bedroom??

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A while back I read an a comic where Captain America was in charge of SHIELD (I Think) and a women (someone he working with and does not like) on the helicarrier together. Tells Cap he can have her if she wants and he tells her never in million years or something to that affect and walks away and this lady is very upset. I cannot remember if she a metahuman or not.

Can someone help me place this comic issue?


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I don't think Cap has ever been in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. Maybe this was a What If? comic?

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I think it was in the Ultimate verse, but he wasn't in charge of SHIELD, he was just on the Helicarrier.

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Here a photo of one of the comics squares about this event. I don't know where this is from. But that Zarda aka the power princess with Capt. America. There a square before it when Zarda invites Capt. to jump her bones and than a square after that Capt. tell her to get busy self pleasuring her self.

What issue is this from, anyone know, guess??

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found it

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@gwhh said:

found it

That's the Ultimate universe,btw.

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