Can anyone reccomend me some Captain America graphic novels?

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Thanks I would appreciate it.

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Man out of time, Winter Solider (the one were Bucky comes back) it was great. Pretty much any Captain America story that Brubaker wrote will be good. So try the beginning of his run if you like it keep reading! its one of my all time favorite runs.

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@joeeddie said:

Thanks I would appreciate it.

Captain America: Man out of Time (Great story by Mark Waid about Cap adjusting to the 21st century. A good starting point)

Captain America: Winter Soldier (The start of Brubaker's fantastic run on the character)

The Death of Captain America (A three-part story by Brubaker about Cap's death and Bucky replacing him)

Captain America: Operation Rebirth (The classic Waid-Ron Garney run)

Captain America No More (When Cap drops the mantle and leaves the government)

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Winter Soldier, Red Menace, Nomad, Cap Civil War, Man with No Face, Cap reborn. And all the 1940's comics

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I agree with stuff posted so far. Great stuff from Brubaker but start at the beginning of his work with Winter Soldier.

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Winter Soldier is amazing. Brubaker's stuff is incredible. I just got in the mail yesterday the Reborn hardcover, can't wait to read it.

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