Anyone thinks Captain America is Marvel's Batman?

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#51 Posted by fodigg (6136 posts) - - Show Bio

I actually think a case could be made that Black Panther is Marvel's best analogue for Batman.

#52 Posted by Selinaky (677 posts) - - Show Bio

@PurpleCandy said:

Funny you say that, Adam West voiced him in Super Hero Squad and SHS Nighthawk acted alot like Batman for obvious reasons.

Haha, I love that episode, they basically mock Batman. (Too bad Batman's awesome)

#53 Posted by tg1982 (2712 posts) - - Show Bio

@Immortal777 said:

I see Batman and Black Panther to be much closer

@fodigg said:

I actually think a case could be made that Black Panther is Marvel's best analogue for Batman.

I agree, at the very least Panther and Bats are more alike than Cap and Bats.

#54 Posted by fullmetalquach (94 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont think so, theyre personalities are totally different, i suppose you could compare their abilities and fighting skills since batman isnt really suppose to have any kind of enhanced strength or anything, but his tech and comic book writing make it seem like he does, other than that the characters are wicked different

#55 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (6457 posts) - - Show Bio

they are similar becauce i see winter soilder and redhood being equivelents

#56 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (8004 posts) - - Show Bio

NOT REALLY. Maybe on the SIDEKICK Department..... Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes.

Batman is more of Black Panther, Ironman and Daredevil LIke.

#57 Posted by Shadowolfstar (16 posts) - - Show Bio

There are a fair amount of similarities but a lot of differences too. There feels like a larger hop and pride factor in captain america. Batman doesnt instill that for me yet he is a badass.

#58 Edited by PurpleCandy (791 posts) - - Show Bio


Yeah since everything Captain America does for with America is what Batman does for Gotham City.

#59 Posted by cc1738 (359 posts) - - Show Bio

Prophet is Marvel's Batman.

#60 Posted by Jakesully1981 (281 posts) - - Show Bio

@voodoo1971 said:

I say Black Panther, Moon Knight, Dare Devil(in some ways), and Iron Man( has some similiarities also). But I think Marvel should make the Falcon more like a Bat Man character especially with Falcon being added to Avengers 2. He showed some similiarities in Character when he starred in the "Captain America and the Falcon" series especially when Scarlet Witch was playing with their minds. But Captain America is definitely his own character.

@Alexander505 said:

Cap is like Batman only physically, but not a genius like Batman in the field of science and strategy, nor has the technology and the money of Bruce. Batman is physically as Cap and intellectually and economically as Tony Stark aka Iron Man.


@tylertothemax said:

@joshmightbe: Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are strikingly similar.

Batman and Cap? not too much.

Batman and Iron Man? maybe a little closer

Batman is a pretty individualized character.

I think Steel and Iron-Man are more closer as Steel is basically like IM in some way as much as John Henry Irons is similar to Tony Stark.
So you don't think the battle in DC vs. Marvel was logical between Cap and Bats?
#61 Posted by RedHood22 (31 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, I'd have to say Moon Knight is more similar. Mooney is rich, has the gadgets, fights the street war, and has a ........complex psychology. Plus, for the most part, Mooney is just a regular human, like Bats. Cap's got Super Soldier Serum coursing through his veins which puts him just slightly higher than what a person could train themselves to be.

#62 Posted by Nightwing4 (373 posts) - - Show Bio

The problem with comparing superheroes is that there is a metric **** ton to choose from, and it can be argued that others are more similar than the one you picked. Honestly Marvel doesn't have an exact equivalent character who has "one rule," like Batman. The majority of their Street Levelers like Wolverine (who also trained in the far east and has mastery of loads of martial arts) do, in fact, kill. Captain America included. I would argue that Captain America is what would result if Kal-El possessed Batman's body.

#63 Posted by DarkxSeraph (672 posts) - - Show Bio

I would agree with the Daredevil statement made earlier in this thread. That's your Batman equivilent, imo.

#64 Posted by krauser99 (826 posts) - - Show Bio

@DarkxSeraph said:

I would agree with the Daredevil statement made earlier in this thread. That's your Batman equivilent, imo.

Agreed Batman has more in common with DD then he does with Steve.

Cap is more for a symbol of truth, justice, and the American way. The boy scout/ apple pie can be tough at times but fair. In battle many times he makes it look easy even though it's not. A born leader gifted in will, determination, and strategy.

Add to that the SSS and you got a Super Soldier that is superior physically/mentally in comparison to characters like Daredevil and Batman.

#65 Posted by PsychoJack (174 posts) - - Show Bio

In terms of physical abilities and skills, yes he is but personality-wise no. There are other Marvel characters more similar to Batman. I'm willing to admit Captain America is stronger and better physically than Batman but he doesn't have technology on his side like Batman does.

#66 Posted by MrBombastic (22 posts) - - Show Bio
Cap is nowhere the meaningful character Batman is.... he isn't fit to be the Batman of Marvel.
#67 Posted by ComicKID777 (287 posts) - - Show Bio


#68 Posted by Captainamerica119 (200 posts) - - Show Bio

No, Cap is way more badass

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#70 Posted by turoksonofstone (12901 posts) - - Show Bio

Nighthawk in Squadron Supreme stories is pretty much batman.

Iron-Man is 616 Batman IMO.

#71 Posted by The Stegman (25986 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel is a tricky thing to compare to DC, people keep doing it. They really have a lot of "Batmen"

There's Tony Stark for his billionaire playboy antics

There's Daredevil for his 'creature of the night" behavior

There's Black Panther for his prep skills

There' Moon Knight for..well, a lot of things actually.

Cap is more like Superman with his ideals. But even then, Marvel has a lot of "Supermen" in terms of power





The thing about Batman and Superman is, they're archtypes, many heroes have bits and pieces in common with them.

#72 Posted by CF12793 (2993 posts) - - Show Bio

I wouldn't really say that there are many characters that fit the Batman archetype exactly, but mostly bits and pieces are taken and used as attributes for other characters. The only things I see that Batman and Captain America have in common are the obvious physical attributes, fighting skills and team leadership/tactician skills. Aside from that, they have very little in common. What about Daredevil? Well, they do have a similar emphasis on crime, and there are similarities in their rogues galleries, but that's where it about draws the line. DD grew up poor, with an alcoholic boxer as a father, and he's very close to the people in the streets of hell's kitchen. I wouldn't say that Batman has that same relationship with the people of Gotham. He grew up wealthy with successful parents, and began training a lot younger than Daredevil did. What about Wolverine? They both are masters of martial arts, and they're both loners even though they're on teams. Well, Wolverine has no moral dilemma about killing people. He does it well, and he'll do it happily if the opportunity arises itself. Batman will never kill, so they don't have that in common. I don't think there is a Marvel "Batman".

#73 Posted by Bezza (3859 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say Daredevil is pretty close to Batman, of all the Marvel characters. Such a shame the DD film was so bad. DD could have had a great future on film. There were parts of the film, really loved.

#74 Posted by HumanRocket (9342 posts) - - Show Bio

Black panther is marvels batman. Combat skills intelligence are similar between the two. Cap is more towards being marvels superman with his values and leadership abilities.

#75 Posted by kasino (1785 posts) - - Show Bio

no one really there's alot of people with his traits but no match exactly

but in terms of Holy Trinity(I for now on use Aquaman) I say it Clark/Bruce/Arthur to Thor/Steve/Tony. All their characteristics together match but certain things not so much. Clarks ideology is more with Steve's, his powers more with Thor's, whose ideology is more like Arthur's.

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