A better Image of Cap from The Avengers Film

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I don't know...up until this point I guess we have been just seeing his suit without any visual effects added on. I had to admit looked like "militant spandex", I wasn't impressed, however it looks like they touched it up with a bit of CGI 
Cap looks gangsta 

#2 Posted by Fetts (5049 posts) - - Show Bio

Lookin badass!

#3 Posted by BlackArmor (6213 posts) - - Show Bio

That is awesome, but I need to view the mask before my final judgement

#4 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (40421 posts) - - Show Bio

aaaah that looks a lot better

#5 Posted by Kiddevil (7509 posts) - - Show Bio


#6 Posted by PowerHerc (86130 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap is looking tough here.

#7 Posted by krilling (2497 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks good.

#8 Posted by Aiden Cross (15726 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks good, bit worried about the mask though. But we'll see =)

#9 Posted by maikkywin (103 posts) - - Show Bio

Imo it looks to "Bulky" if it was a bit more sleek I would have liked it more .

#10 Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy (8670 posts) - - Show Bio

I have a bad feeling that he isn't going to be wearing his mask much.

#11 Posted by TheCannon (20262 posts) - - Show Bio

Best pic of Cap I've seen from the movie.

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