twofacedjoker's Captain America: Winter Soldier #1 - Book One review

A Story That Goes as Cold as the War

Having recently seen the film, which I was a big fan of, I decided to pick up the first volume of the series it was based off of, gracefully on sale to coincide with the film's release. However, what I found was what I found to be a pretty tedious read rather than something enjoyable. And, while the story is loved by many, I simply couldn't get behind what was, for me, pretty boring.

The story starts well enough, with the Red Skull at the forefront, plotting against Cap in the devilish way only he can... that is, until he's suddenly killed. And, while this was shocking at the time, for me, looking back on this, we know that he's alive now, I having even read his resurrection story a little ways back, so this wasn't as big of an event for me. However, this does spark the investigation into his death that spurs much of the narrative forward. However, something that kind of bugs me is why they are investigating his death. Sure, they're heroes and want to bring murder to just, but it's the freakin' Red Skull!!! You should be thankful someone offed him for you guys so you don't have to deal with his Holocaust-level plots to take over the world. It feels a bit weird, to me, but I do see the logic behind it.

However, most of the rest of the story told here is a lot of speculation and mystery, which, when you know the ultimate result, is pretty boring. Again, this may have been a gripping story for its time, but I thought it was really frustratingly drawn out and boring, especially for a story that more or less mimics that of the Red Hood from the Batman franchise. It also faffs about with exploring some other characters from Cap's past which didn't interest me much.

This is really only half of a mystery, and I really don't feel like finishing it, which is a shame. While the film succeed on all fronts for me, this story left me wanting in a way that I'm unwilling to shell out any more money towards a story when the entity behind the mask is almost as well known as that of Dark Vader.


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