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So i picked this up looking for alittle lighthearted  but intresting story. But while the lighthearted behaviour i was looking for was present, the stories contained in this issue mostly just didnt cut it for me.  Having Marvel writters/artisst etc appearing in a comic is nothing new and very rarely when they do appear does it come with a seal of quality. So when i got past the first couple of pages i was concerned, having what can only be discribed as a  F or lower list person interacting with these Marvel employees just made it all the worse.
Luckily in the midst of the not so funny and not so enterating mock real life sections you get to short stories revolving around cap one with a distinct magical/drug fuelled vibe and another about you guest it current marvel go to guy deadpool. While these stories are ok and other a new perspective and look to caps origins etc they dont really have much of a payoff. Short of the art being preety good in this book iam struggling to give it any more praise
The Good
Art is well done in various styles changing with the stories, the Doctor America and golden age of Deadpool story are passable reads.
The Bad
General thems of the real live connection to comic world story and lack of any real suprise or pay off from the main story.
2/5   unless your a real sucker for Captain America dont bother , even then i would consider going elsewhere.

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