mrlogical's Captain America: Who Won't Wield the Shield? #1 - Forbush Man: Forbush Kills! review

Only for Friends, Family, and the Super Hardcore Fans

Jason Aaron and Matt Fraction are easily two of the best writers in comics today, and Fraction in particular has spent a lot of time lately talking about how much he enjoyed working on this book, so I was really excited to see the promised craziness of "Who Won't Wield the Shield" for myself. After reading it, however, I came away disappointed.  Some of the artwork is great, particularly Brendan McCarthy's psychedelic take on "Doctor America" (a bizarro Captain America/Doctor Strange mashup), and there were a few good chuckles here and there, such as the Red Skull shopping for cloned super soldiers on a budget or Bendis tweeting on his deathbed.  But too much of the humor in the book relied on obscure references, either referring to what appear to be inside jokes among the Marvel staff, or random bits of Marvel trivia (fan service for "Not Brand Echh" readers seems a narrow target market).  I think there are people out there who will love this book, but I suspect they will mostly be people who have been reading Marvel Comics for 20+ years and know the names of Assistant Editors at Marvel.

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