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One of Marvels Finest Films

It's not a secret that I have been on I'll terms with marvels most recent movies, not so much as for their stories and performances, but more for the fact that they absolutely refused to take certain things seriously, which kind of severed my connection with the movie, because I honestly just didn't care for what happened to anyone, because essentially I know that it didn't matter, no one going to die or anything like that. The Winter Soldier doesn't do that, considering that the movie feels like it actually matters and has real consequences. I was hearing great things about Winter Soldier, and I was honestly not disappointed.

In order to strengthen my point about why this movie was good, I can't fully ignore what the other Phase 2 movies did wrong. Long story short, THEY HAD TO MUCH HUMOR. Look, don't get me wrong, I like to have fun as much as the next guy but when the movie bashes it's tasteless, out of place gags on you for about 2 hours straight, you tend to walk out of the movie asking yourself whether it was worth it. That's honestly not the impression you want to leave on the audience. When I was watching Thor 2, I cringed every time the shoved a senseless gag down my throat, and while I enjoyed Iron Man 3 slightly more, I still realized that I honestly didn't care about any other character there, because yet again, it didn't take itself seriously. Now cap 2 on the other hand, while it has a few humorous scenes, it actually fits the given situation and doesn't compromise the tone of the film, we still know that the events that take place STILL matter, which in turns makes us care more about the movie itself.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to really talk about the performances. I've always said that Chris Evans is a great captain america and I personally felt that he conveyed that gentle yet fierce nature quite brilliantly. If you liked his acting in First Avenger,then you'll definitely enjoyed it here as well, because he basically steals every scene he is in. What I always liked about Evan's Captain America is the simple fact that by nature he is a really nice guy who wants to help his fellow men, yet at the same time he's a brutal warrior/powerhouse who shouldn't really be messed with. Speaking of deceiving looks, I actually enjoyed Black Widow more than I enjoyed her presence in the Avengers. I always felt that she was SLIGHTLY out of place there, but here is basically fits in perfectly. I quite enjoyed her chemistry between with Steve because it really showed them grow as close friends, yet at the same time it demonstrated how different they are in terms of how the operate on their missions.

I can't really talk about acting without giving a nod to Jacksons Nick Fury, because he was essentially at his peak here, of course, that's not to say that he was bad in the previous movies, though he never received such a character arc as deep. He was an absolute badass throughout the entire movie. Also, despite my complete indifference to Falcon in the comics, I actually enjoyed seeing him in this movie, I thought he was a fun, energetic character who was a real good addition to Steves more secluded personality.

As mentioned before, the movie actually takes itself seriously, which would automatically mean that the story is actually pretty great, but not the one you expected. The WInter Soldier asks some intriguing political questions as well as moral ones, which is perfectly suitable when the main character always struggles do to the right thing, and unsurprisingly, the movie in turn has some pretty big consequences. I won't spoil the rest, but it's actually a coherent and awesomely executed story, which engages the audience and makes things worthwhile. However, what I'm about to say might actually anger a couple of people, but it's not actually a criticism because it wasn't a HUGE problem, of course that depends on the viewer, but anyways here's my interpretation. I don't think the movie should have been called the Winter Solider, not because the story failed to deliver an interesting presentation of him, but because he wasn't the main villain. The WS was, throughout the movie, more like a ghost to be honest with you, which in my opinion, is pretty cool, because it gives us a slightly sinister view of his whole persona and what wight it holds. In the movie he's like an urban myth or a legend which keeps gaining more and more proof. However, that said, when the movie calls itself the Winter Soldier, there really isn't a question on what role he could possibly have in the movie. I have to mention though, the movies main antagonist, was actually pretty cool. While Bucky was no doubt the muscle , the main villain was more of a schemer, which I enjoyed seeing.

Furthermore, as a superhero movie, was there any doubt that it would have great action scenes? I certainly didn't. Captain America really ups the game in terms of action and really shows just how powerful Steve really is. But it's not him just basically throwing his Shield, the fights are actually quite energetic, detailed and well crafted. It always had me gripping my seat and it didn't overdo it to a incredibly ridiculous degree. Each character, is somehow tied into the whole sequence which makes the movie much more engaging and fun to watch. If you honestly didn't enjoy the story or the characters I'd say you could watch this movie solely for the amazing action.

Overall, is Captain america a perfect individual movie? No, it's not. But as a comic book movie, I think that it can be said that it is. It, in all honesty, sets a couple of standards which had been completely forgotten after the Avengers(Remember how awesome Iron man I was?), so now I hope that the others Marvel-related flicks will be slightly less oriented on humor, and more on on plot, action and characters. What I'm trying to say is that, go watch the damn movie, it's good, really good.



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