Is Bucky the same age as Cap?

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Hey guys. So I've been wondering if Bucky and Steve are the same age. The movies, as we all know, are heavily inspired by the Ultimate universe, and in that universe Bucky and Steve were the same age except Steve stopped aging whereas Bucky continued to do so. I actually would prefer if they were the same age. It puts them on an even level as opposed to hero and sidekick, in my opinion. Thoughts?

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@shiryu: I believe that he is 3 years younger than Steve. Steve's birthday is July 4, 1922. Bucky was born in 1925. In Captain America 50 (vol 5.) it is his birthday, and they do a flashback to 1941 where it was his 16th birthday.

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@shiryu said:

@cap10nate: Oh, okay. Thanks. I just didn't know because I'd read somewhere that Steve and Bucky would be the same age in the movies to emulate the Ultimate universe. Adding to my confusion is the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wiki has Cap's date of birth as July 4, 1918 and Bucky's date of birth as March 10, 1919.

Captain America 50 (vol 5.) wouldn't happen to be a movie tie-in, would it?

No. It is the final issue of Brubaker's run before they started the 'Reborn' storyline which brought back Steve and then relaunched the with issue number 600. It was released back in 2009. It is a good story about all the different birthdays that Bucky has had.

They definitely do seem to be the same age in the movie as Bucky applies for the army. In the books, Bucky is raised on the army base after his parents die. He is trained there and they paired him up with Steve whenever he was 16.

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@cap10nate: Thanks for clearing it up. That was really informative.

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No, Bucky is either a year or two years older than Steve. Steve's birthday is July 4, 1918, and Bucky's is either March 10, 1917 or March 10, 1916.

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