Captain America: F*** YEAH!!!!!

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 in 2004, The creators of South Park fused their vulgar humor with Thunderbirds style puppeteering, and took the whole of America's youth by the funny bone with TEAM AMERICA. While many people didnt/dont like the humor Trey and Matt dole out, you'll be hard pressed to find someone who wont giggle and sing to "America: F*** Yeah", the theme song of the movie.
 ...what? never heard it? Well, did you feel a lackluster response for the Captain America: First Avenger Trailer? YOU DID?!? well then, today is your lucky day.
 Someone on the interwebs took it upon themselves to splice Team America's song onto Cap's new trailer, and hilarity was born anew. 

   as always with youtube videos, the coolest thing you can do with one you like is view it as much as possible and pass it around like a...well, like its good. 
 Also, search around for other "F*** Yeah" vids. This song is instant funny to about %90 of the videos its played in front of.
Note: There is a bit of racism you have to get over in this song, as well as sexism and discrimination against political parities and books. Its what the South Park guys do.  Here is another video someone else made with comic images of our beloved Captain.
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LMAO the first one is great

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Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! America!!!!!!!!

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