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At Marriott Hill in Battery Park (Captain America's house) he and the Scarlet Witch are just waking up from a long night's rest. In Harlem, Falcon pays an old friend an unwelcomed visit. He wants her (Leila) to expose the connection between the Navy and the Rivas drug cartel. She declines as she believes that Captain America and him set her up, ultimately getting her locked up in "Gitmo". Falcon explains that the Rivas drug cartel believes that Cap and he killed one of the cartel leaders and have now sent "The Saint" to kill them. Knowing that she was involved in the past, Falcon believes that they will go after her first in order to get to either Cap or him. He recommends that they all stick together as he can provide some protection for the time being. Just then, her boyfriend comes in the room and notices Falcon. He tries to get Falcon to leave and a scuffle ensues. Needless to say Falcon wins and the boyfriend backs down.

Falcon and Cap wake up the next morning at Cap's house. Captain America tells Falcon about the many dreams that he's been having about Bucky. Cap regrets not being able to save him and is complaining about "Too Many Wars".

At the General Assembly of the United Nations Tony Stark prepares for his speech...

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