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Leaping from the final pages of Civil War, this is the *only place* readers can find out what happens next in the life of CAPTAIN AMERICA! Trust us, folks, this over-sized 25th issue will stun readers and send shock waves through the entire Marvel Universe for the next year!

Captain America's surrender during the "Civil War" is on the news. The coverage is now focusing on the arraignment of Steve Rogers. The hearing is to take place in New York rather than in front of a military tribunal. It will also be broadcast live on all networks. A crowd of supporters and protesters has gathered outside the courthouse.

Agent 13, Sharon Carter is among the crowd. She is in contact with Nick Fury who seems to have a plan for something. Sharon recalls her first memories of Captain America and their time together as partners and lovers.

Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes is also among the crowd. He too recalls his first meeting of Cap and how you had no choice but to look up to him.

Steve Rogers finally arrives escorted by the US Marshalls. The crowd shouts outs questions and statements of support and disdain. One member even throws a tomato that hits him in the face asking, "Since when does Captain America surrender?!" As Rogers shakes off the mess, he notices a red dot appear on the Marshall in front of him. Looking up, he finds the source in a building window across the street. Dr. Faustus and the Red Skull (in Aleksander Lukin's body notice that Rogers has found the sniper as they watch on television. The Skull insists that their plan stay in motion as they have done what they could to get the Rogers transferred to New York.

Cap yells, "Look out!" and pushes the marshal out of the way. The sniper's bullet shoots through his upper chest. The crowd panics. Sharon tries to get to Steve. Barnes also tries to work his way through the crowd. As Sharon is about to reach Steve, a gun is seen and three more shots, at close range, hit Captain America.

Weak from the shots, Rogers still asks Sharon to get the crowd to safety. Winter Soldier jumps through the window where the sniper shot came from. He is too late. Just then, Falcon flies into the building pinning Barnes against the wall thinking he was responsible. Winter Soldier quickly convinces him otherwise. Fury is able to track where the sniper went, a news copter has swooped down to pick him up. Barnes asks Falcon to carry him out as Steve Rogers is taken by an ambulance.

In the copter, Tombstone sees that they are being followed. Barnes shoots at them which causes the copter to go down. Tombstone simply jumps out towards Falcon and Winter Soldier as gravity carries them down. Barnes beats Tombstone down as Sin, the Red Skull's daughter observes. She calls her father and he tells her to move on to the next part of the plan. She is seen entering the nearby hospital dressed as a nurse.

Falcon tells Barnes to leave before S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives, leaving Tombstone with them. As S.H.I.E.L.D. soldier arrive and order Falcon to stand down, he does so willingly to go to Steve's side. As the ambulance arrives at the hospital, the news announces that Steve Rogers has been pronounced dead on arrival. Sharon and Falcon can be seen sitting in a waiting room.

Later Sharon goes to the restroom to splash some water on her face. At that moment, Sin walks in telling her the doctor wanted her to tell Sharon something. Dr. Faustus wanted her to tell her to "remember." Sharon's eyes roll back as she goes back to when the sniper bullet was fired. She sees herself working through the crowd to get to Steve's side. Then she sees herself hold a gun up to Steve's gut and fire three times. She crumbles to the floor in tears over what she has done.

On a hospital bed, covered in a bloody sheet, the lifeless body of Captain America is lying there.

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