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Welcome To The 21st Century

The Story: 

The Avengers find Captain America frozen in ice and welcome him to the 21st century. 

My Thoughts: 

This was a great time for this mini-series to be published as this was the year of the Captain America film coming out. For people with little knowledge of the character, this would be a great place to start reading about one of the most iconic comic book characters ever conceived. This series is a great example of how well Mark Waid's storytelling abilities truly are. I love how he focused on Steve's difficulty adjusting to this new time. It came off organic and felt realistic. Aside from that I love how he kept Steve's true personality and characteristics alive. Only mere moments after setting foot in 21st century New York and he thrusts himself into action at the call of help from a young woman. The heroism is displayed nicely and done in a way all readers can appreciate. The dialogue is well scripted and very refreshing. Nothing in the story feels forced at all. 

Another thing I liked that Waid focused on was the beginning of Rogers and Starks relationship. It was nice to see that begin to form in these pages. It made the read even more special for those readers who have kept up with those two characters for the past few years. 

The art is by Jorge Molina whose style reminds me of Steve Epting's work on the main Captain America series. His pencils rival Epting's for sure. I won't say his are better or worse, but they're both incredibly well suited for Captain America's character. The same tone and feel of the art on that series is felt here. Artur Adams had a variant cover which I wasn't crazy for. It looked as if Captain America was on steroids. 

This is definitely a must read for all Captain America fans out there. This is a great place for new readers interested in reading Captain America comics to begin. 

Rating: 5/5

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