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Captain America Comics 70th Anniversary

 Homage Cover to Captain America Comics #1
Timely (now Marvel) Comics is celebrating 70 years of the sentinel of liberty, Captain America. For 70 years now, Captain America has been fighting against evil in ways that Marvel Comics had never imagined in their beginning days. With Steve Rogers as Commander Rogers defender of homeland security, Bucky Barnes has become the official second Captain America. While this isn't a 70th anniversary issue that creates an all new original story of Steve Rogers, Marvel has decided to show the great past of Captain America in the 1940's. 

The Good

 While Captain America has just reached the 70 year mark, I think Marvel did a good job at re-coloring some of the greatest moments in Captain America's early days. Brian Ching's two really good homage covers to the first appearance of Captain America were really stunning. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's work of the golden days of comics is really interesting to see, and how (if they were alive today) could see how Captain America, Steve Rogers, has turned into a World wide icon for people of all ages. While I think that Joe and Jack would think that Captain America would just be a second rate character or maybe even a American Icon, they would've never seen how great an impact Captain America has on the lives of people everywhere. Captain America really is a good inspiration to many people. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby had the ideal of creating a normal and wimpy man to become the legend he is today. For most of us, weakling Steve Rogers has been the name entitled to us. However, when we complete some sort of great feat, we can thank Captain America for his great inspiration. While we can't have the great abilities to withstand great gunfire, or have a dead on eagle eye, we can be super by helping others like Captain America. I think that is the real reason on why Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created Captain America. Not just to make a profit off of a comic book character, but to shine light on a better America. Who knows how Captain America's very existence have inspired some of the brave men and women to fight in War World 2 during those days. Maybe even today, Captain America is helping someone make a better tomorrow? In any case, Captain America or Steve Rogers has been giving the world a fighting chance. From comics, all the way down to our hearts Captain America is a true American Hero. In other words we should really think about how comic book characters might have been a help to us when we were kids, don't you think?


The Bad

 While I did like to see the work of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby again, I did wish that the 70th Anniversary Issue of Captain America was something brand new and original. Like how some anniversary issues have a 80 or 100 page giant which has many, many talented artist and writers working on one story, or even multiple stories. 

The Verdict

 This is simply a good comic that strays away from everything else Captain America. Overall this is a 4 out of 5. 
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