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  1. The Return of the Red Skull - (Simon / Kirby) The Red Skull steals the plans for a military drill car and uses it to attack Broolyn - but Captain America and Bucky are there to stop him!
  2. The Hunchback of Hollywood and the Movie Murder - (Simon/Kirby) Producer Mark Carstine plans to make an anti-fascist film despite numerous threats. Fortunately, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes manage to land extra roles in the film to keep an eye on things.
  3. Captain America Foils the Traitor's Revenge - (text story, Lee) when Colonel Stevens bounces a soldier out with a dishonorable discharge, the soldier vows revenge. But Steve Rogers overhears the soldier's vow, and he plans to make sure Captain America and Bucky are there to stop him!
  4. The Queer Case of the Murdering Butterfly and the Ancient Mummies - (unknown) a mysterious villain known as 'The Butterfly' boasts that he will steal priceless Egyptian treasures from the state museum.
  5. Atlantis and the False King - (Simon/Kirby/Raboy) Tuk and Tanir help the princess Eve regain the Atlantean imperial throne from an usurper.
  6. Amazing Spy Adventures: The True Story of the Bald Head Message and How it was Delivered - (Simon/Kirby) How Istiaeus, a prisoner of Darius I, secretly got a message to his people.
  7. Satan and the Subway Disasters - (Simon/Kirby) Hurricane must save a subway train from being sabotaged by Pluto!

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