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Captain America #1

By The Angry Comic Book Critic           
          Well as the only reviewer as far as I know who reviews golden age comics on this site I thought it's about time I shed some light on the All American Hero and no talking about GI Joe those guys aren't jack shit compared to this guy. I give you the one, the only the original, the man who needs no introduction but I'm giving him one anyways CAPTAIN AMERICA. He's the embodiment of what it means to love your country and for a guy who fights Nazi probably the biggest human target in history but I'll get into his ridiculous but awesome costume a little later for now lets begin with the hit on the list of Golden Age Treasures.
            Okay I think out of all the origin stories I've read over the years the story of Captain America's has to be one of my favorites and as anyone who reads comics knows Cap got his iconic super human abilities from the Super Soldier Serum of Project Rebirth. Going from weakling to Adonis in less then 5 seconds hmm it's every nerd's dream. Now the cover of this book has to be one of my top 3 of the time period I mean you got America's Champion knocking old uncle Adolf right the fuck out which is a lot less than that bastard deserves come on raise your hand if you'd have rather seen Cap decapitating that fucker I know I do but my rant about how much I hate Hitler and the Nazi's is getting me side tracked so time to get to the plot. Well are story all begins with America's war effort being sabotaged on the home front by Nazi spies and in response to the chaos the U.S government tries to create an army of super soldiers to combat the threat. Then in the basement a dinner we get are 1st glimpse of are hero folks Steve Rogers but you wouldn't know it considering he looks like he was anorexic I swear I've seen twigs with more meat on there bones but that last long cause Steve under goes the ultimate transformation after the serum is stabilized by the Vita rays which keeps him from going cuckoo for coca puffs like his successor the 50's cap. However as soon as the experiment finishes an undercover Nazi assassin kills professor Erskine the creator of the serum....this is the one thing in this comic that annoys me why not have killed both Steve and Erskine before Cap is given his powers? It would have made things so much simpler that way but it's comics and logic isn't always a forerunner. So Cap kills the assassin and gets his costume and mighty shield after Bucky finds out he's cap and is taken on as his partner. Geez this guy can keep a secret as well as the guys from TMZ . Well we're at that point ladies and gentlemen the point where I rip on this costume despite how much I love it. Lets see how many jokes I can make...okay ahhhh I think you forgot the neon sign that says "Shoot me Nazi's I'm an American" or how about I'm surprised they didn't raise him at Iwo Jima or perhaps the guy who made the uniforms was on vacations so we had to settle for Lady Gaga's tailor or maybe we had a surplus of flags this year we needed to get rid of them somehow. Well that's all I got for now....or is it?! No that's it I'm outta jokes for now. Okay the artwork for this is done by none other than Jack Kirby and I must say it is just spectacular and I highly recommend this book to any fan of the Golden Age.
            I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic saying Cap gets the stamp of approval. Until next time and to my followers just a reminder I'm accepting requests to do reviews on golden age books if there any you'd like me to give the once over to leave it in the comments section
Captain America Comics #1

Posted by MTHarman

Hell yeah, old school, originality, origins, thought that I would never see anybody else dig up the past on this site.  I dont do reviews on any comics of the past, instead I review the old school events and villains that most people on here dont know about.
Most people on this site would never read a comic like this and about any other issue that was made before the 80's, modern comics till this day take away the imagination and naturalism that issues like this had. Instead its about the artwork and storylines that lack logic and meaning, just mindless unexplained action and storytelling. 
Posted by caesarsghost

Personally I find it kind of interesting- we know that WWII spawned a plethora of superheroes, some were ordinary soldiers, some were straight up superheroes (like Cap and Wonder Woman, originally designed as a pin-up for GIs), but it seems like only a few of these WWII inspired comics characters had the staying power to be relevant beyond the war. I think its a real testament to Cap's staying power. 
And I LOVE what they did with him in Civil War.
Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic
@MTHarman:  totally agree and I'll keep up my Golden Age Reviews until I run out of books to review from that time

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