harleyquinn12's Captain America and Bucky #621 - First Blood review

Chris Samnee? He is a genius.

Cap and bucky was a book I picked up because of the art. Chris Samnee is one of the best artists working in comics now. Don't get me wrong, I like Brubaker's Captain America, it's just that Chris samnee was the big draw here. 
What was good?  
Andreyeko and brubaker deliver a fun World War 2 story with romance, action, drama, spies, and everything else thatyou could  want. There are some fun moments, such as Steve and bucky at the movie theatre, as well as when they try to "ask out" girls at a fair.  They write a very good relationship between the two, and I enjoyed the retelling of Bucky's origin story.There's also a lot of action, and this is where Chris Samnee is at his best. The action is really easy to follow, and drawn in a style that's similar to the Golden Age style. He does some really good facial expressions and his characters really act. Elizabeth Breitweiser colors this issue, and wow. She is one of my personal favorites colorists that has ever worked. Really. Her colors almost evoke watercolors, and are both retro and modern. The writers also hit every point in a spy story that you could want. The story isn't too campy, but isn't really ultraviolent either.
What was bad? 
While the story was a bit formulaic at times, it didn't bother me because the dialogue and narraration boxes made the story unique. 
If you're looking for a war book mixed with superhero elements, Captain America and Bucky is a great book. And really, if you're a comic fan, you should pick this up.

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