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Its finally over.

The end is here. The Cap and series has run it`s course and at last, comes to an end. In the beginning of this run we had Bucky stories by Brubaker that were well done and led into the issues with Hawkeye, Iron Man, Namor and Widow, all written by Cullen Bunn. Up until this recent run I have loved the series but the last series felt like a completely new writer. Bunn has talent, lots of it, and a grasp on how to write both old and new school stories at once. Somehow this series, Black Widow, has gotten worse and worse. I honestly don't know why. Maybe Bunn was tired or maybe because of Marvel Now! taking priority things got messed up. Either way the last issue was a mess. The story is bland and for a wrap up issue is sort of dull. Its extremely cheesy, a Black Knight who uses a chainsaw? And it just isn't good. Sorry Bunn, this is an issue to leave at the stores.

I wish I could say that the art was at least better than the writing but I would be lieing. The art is strange and honestly very unappealing to the eye. I know this is a separate reality where things look like crap but the art shouldn't look like crap too. Sometimes it looks stylized and kind of neat but mostly it looks like a rushed job with little attempt.

Again, before the Black Widow run, this series had been amazing but steadily it has fallen into ruin so I have to say farewell, final issue, and good riddance.


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