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Almost over

Issue 638. The next to last issue of the Cap and series, so how does it fair? Well, I will give it that the story is good. It's a nice yarn set in another world but I must admit that though I've been following the series since Hawkeye I'm sort of lost on a few things. The story jumps to and fro sometimes and it left me a bit confused, a more intelligent man could probably comprehend it better than me. Cullen is a fantastic writer, let me say that first and foremost, but it seems he faltered a tad with this latest yarn but maybe I'm missing something so it may be better than what I see. The art on the issue is just bad. It reminds me of Archie or something. It doesn't really fit the feel the book is going for. At least that's my opinion. Despite it`s short comings I still think the issue is worth 3 bucks. Hopefully the end will be good, let's cross our fingers.

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