wundagoreborn's Captain America #8 - Castaway in Dimension Z, Chapter Eight review

A Bit Too Far

The Good

Remender continues to simultaneously pull off non-stop action and intense character decision points at the same time. A lot of what matters in this book happens via dialogue but the conversations are woven so tightly into the action that the pace never slows down to focus on the relationships. The character reveal at the end was intense, not so much in who it was (pretty obvious from the cover) in how and when the character entered. Like most books in this run so far, the last page includes a “Whoa” moment.

The Bad

I know this is a Kirby-era throwback, wild and woolly, almost anything goes kind of series by design. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy it. But this issue goes past the where the boundary of that “almost” and gets plain silly in several places. By the action shown, Cap’s character should be dead twice over and keeps coming. Unless he has developed a fast-working healing factor or this action turns out not to be real, his survival is ridiculous. Captain Z has a power that is unjustified and Ian’s last character shift goes too far too fast.

The Verdict

This book delivers on some of the promise of the story arc to this point, overplays the remainder. It was still an enjoyable book but a drop off from the very good issues that have come earlier.

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