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Fury and de Fontaine are having a meeting with President Bill Clinton. He makes them tell the story of Captain America to them. Fury reveals some of what the President knows is true but some isn't. He reveals that the US Governement is responsible for Cap's disappearance after WWII. Cap was opposed to the atomic bomb and the governement saw this as a rebellion. SHIELD then put Cap into suspended animation.

Fury revealed that they thawed Cap when necessary to see if he was doing OK. They would reconfigure how he thought and put him into battle. In the Korean War he was known as Captain John Battle. In Vietnam he was Captain Jack Strike for Black Ops. But eventually, something would push Cap over the edge and SHIELD would put him back in suspended animation.

Cap was finally revived again in the 1990's and set up with a wife and family. SHIELD finally awoke the 'Captain America' in him when Red Skull was found to be alive.

As it turns out, Cap had been listening in on this conversation the whole time. Cap lets them know that he does not trust the government but he does love his country. He also lets Fury know that next time they try to suspend his life he will resist and that they do not want a war with him. Cap resigns his 'protection' from SHIELD and tells the president that he will still fight for his country. The president allows him to leave, tells Fury to let it go and do the right thing for once and wishes Cap the best of luck.

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