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Cap Needs To Meet Hawkeye, B.J., and Klinger


Things just can't go right for Cap in Rick Remender's run. I mean, he takes one step on one page, and gets set back two the next. I love it. The inner monologue of Cap on the next to last page, juxtaposed with the last page, does just that, and it's a fantastic reminder of the kind of writer Remender is, and what the medium of comics can be. I've said elsewhere that I think this arc is going on too long, but if the rest is going to be like this issue, I'm perfectly fine with that.

John Romita Jr. needs to draw more Beard-Cap. I don't like the look of his beardless Cap, because the head seems too large (really, JRJR draws big heads?!), but the beard manages to perfectly balance it out so that he looks like a human being.

I really like Jet Black, and I hope we see more of her, beyond this arc. I really like how Zola set her up to be a fearsome warrior and has trained her to be such all of her life, but the introduction of a guy like Cap to her once-insulated environment makes her seriously question the things she's known to be true all her life. Even at heart, she's a naturally good person, again: even though that's the opposite of how Zola has raised her. She saves Cap in this issue, and cares for Ian's well-being Honestly, if I had to pick a favorite character that was introduced within the last year, Jet would be at the top of that list. Everyone else may have Harper Row and Pizza Dog, but I'm perfectly fine with Jet. I love that she's a serious character in Remender's story (unlike Pizza Dog), and actively influences the story of CAPTAIN AMERICA (unlike Harper Row for much of BATMAN).


Ian looks like a girl. Nothing new there. He kind of looks like a boy in his last appearance. That's something.

One of the Captain Zola mutates gets taken out really easily. I know Remender needed to keep the plot going, and it wouldn't have been smart to derail the story for a fight right then, but c'mon. These guys are supposed to be fearsome. At least have it appear later in the issue.


Wonderful issue. Best yet of Remender's run. John Romita Jr. is great. Jet Black needs more lip-service. Beat-up Cap is the best kind of Cap. Buy this now. Go get it on Comixology, even if you don't like digital comics. Just buy it.

Posted by wundagoreborn

Agree re: Jet Black. At first, I thought she was going to be a human version of a Zola killing machine, an exaggerated stock figure. Her development has been very cool.

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