mtharman's Captain America #609 - No Escape, Part 4; Welcome Home, Part 2 review

He's a Zemo

The Story:
Fourth part of this EPIC masterpiece for the badguy lovers, Baron Zemo's plan for Bucky starts to unravel more and more as we finally see these two meet,...........IN MORTAL KOMBAT ( sorry, had to say it ). 
Lets put it this way, Bucky's screwed and Zemo got the best of him in the recent issue, how bad can it get for our new beloved Captain America? Lets just say it gets much more worse. 
The Good: 

Captain America vs Baron Zemo all seen in issue 609 and possibly 610
- Brubakers storytelling is byfar EPIC with this issue as we see more and more build up and excitement that would have you wanting to know what will happen next. Giving Marvel fans the most wanting fight between Bucky and Zemo, Brubaker would go at this with careful research and planning to where it would never be forgotten in Marvel history. Yes, "poor Bucky" would probably be come across your mind in this comic as we see Bendis display Bucky acting on his own instead for the readers. After the stunt that Zemo did to Bucky in the recent issue, I would say that Bucky's irrational behavior is explainable and how his anger and hatred became his weakness when he finally comes face to face with Zemo. 
- Bucky vs Baron Zemo, I loved the fight, who would win? how would it happen? like I would spoil an epic fight that i've been waiting for when Bucky made his appearance as Winter Soldier. 
- I loved the artwork and most of the storytelling that Guice showed in this comic. There once again some highlighted scenes and the mood of the characters and their surroundings. I like how he focused his artwork on the basic surroundings as much as he focused on th characters as well. 
- I like how they didn't censor Bucky's potty mouth when he's fighting Zemo, god how I hate censored lines and scenes that are not worth it. 
The Bad: 
- Mostly alot of hiccups in the artwork that was quickly drawn by Guici which wasn't given much detail, such as facial reactions poorly drawn or not matching with the moment properly. 
The Ugly: 
- None 
The Conclusion: 
If you haven't been reading the recent issues and your reading the reviews for this issue, I would highly advise going back four more issues before reading this one. Get the whole story before buying this so that you may get alot more enjoyment out of it. This issue does give its fans the fight between Bucky and Zemo which may be predictable, but also a build to a much more personal and serious fight between these later on and more devious planning from our beloved Badguy, Zemo. So if you haven't had the chance to buy this comic, I would highly advise buying the recent issues before buying this one issue or just wait for the Hardcover to be released and enjoy the whole story itself ( if it ends properly ). 
Im that Badguy giving a 4 1/2 star rating comic review and I thankyou for reading and I hope that you did or do enjoy reading this issue.

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