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This is an historic issue in the life of Bucky barnes and and an momentus moment  for the series of captain america. His past mis deeds as the Winter soldier have come to light to the public and now everyone know that bucky is the new captain america. I quite like how Bucky manages to take down the new beetle and take her to the raft which is now in charge by luke cage. I quite like how natasha easliy manages to deduce that this is all the work of Baron zemo jr by the use of the villains that have been used to fight against Bucky which is quite smart of brubaker by using these two old villains against cap to tell him who is behind this vendetta.


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    "I love it when a plan comes together" 0

    The Story:   NO ESCAPE part 3  As things start to heat up for Bucky and Black Widow as they investigate who's been trying to attack Bucky himself, Bucky slowly start to find himself falling deeper into Zemo's trap as his plan starts to unravel after capturing a female version of the Beetle.   The Good: ----- Cover of this comic is byfar the most awesome picture that I have ever seen of Baron Zemo. Now the Captain America #608cover to this comic is the prime definition of mordern comic cover f...

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