mtharman's Captain America #608 - No Escape, Part 3; Welcome Home, Part 1 review

"I love it when a plan comes together"

The Story:

NO ESCAPE part 3  As things start to heat up for Bucky and Black Widow as they investigate who's been trying to attack Bucky himself, Bucky slowly start to find himself falling deeper into Zemo's trap as his plan starts to unravel after capturing a female version of the Beetle. 

The Good:

----- Cover of this comic is byfar the most awesome picture that I have ever seen of Baron Zemo. Now the
Captain America #608
cover to this comic is the prime definition of mordern comic cover for an awesome comic. It has all meaning, feeling, and creativity put into it and lord do I love the detail put into it. Probably one of my most favorite Mark Djurdjevic artistic portraits of a Marvel that I have seen, already I have the cover of this comic placed onto my computer as a screensaver. 
----- The artwork was basic and it did handle itself verywell with this comic, the action scenes between Bucky and Black Widow against the new Beetle was the best. I loved the action scenes and how it was drawn out, really putting alot of excitement with the flow of the comic within this issue. The shadowing, penciling, colorists, and inks was served itself very well with this comic, I mostly loved how the reflection of Captain America's costume was colored out in this comic. Most of all, I loved how the anatomy and motion was drawn out for these heroes during the action scenes, both female and male. 
----- The third part to NO ESCAPE didn't change itself one bit as you see the storyline within this comic become much more exciting as we see our hero fall into Zemo's trap. This issue has a lot of naturalism put into it as we see how the events turn out for Bucky at the end, without spoiling it, its very interesting to see our hero go through a unique problem that would probably happen in today's world. Character respect and research was done in this comic and done in a very creative way as we see both Zemo and possibly the Fixer return to their roots as villains. 
----- The dialogue was great and also served its purpose as you get the feel of what is happening and also helped with the flow of this comic. I like how you can see when the heroes are responding at the right moment to a certain event within this comic. 

The Bad:

----- Naturally making a comic is a tideous job and it would probably have a few overlooked glitches that our useless staff of editors within Marvel failed to see. Yes there are some "hiccups" seen in this comic for both the storyline and artwork, but with the effort put into this comic and the awesomness that is displayed to the readers, why try to ruin this comic.

The Ugly:

----- No Ugliness seen in this comic. 
Captain America issue 608 is 3.99, obviously worth more than its price because of the awesomness that Brubaker is giving to Marvel fans and villain fans like myself. Before picking this issue up, make sure you collect the other issues to this story as well, Captain America issue 607 and 606 so you wont have to miss whats been going on.



For some reason I can't help but feel that Baron Zemo would take the line from Hannibal in the television show known as the A-Team and say the phrase "I love it when a plan comes together" 

There is a reason why Baron Zemo is a top-rated villain within Marvel rather you love this guy or not, and one of those reasons is right here in this issue. So toss away that Avengers title, strap on your badguy costume, plan for world domination, and dive yourself into some mindless villainy with this Captain America. 
If you haven't got this issue, then I would highly suggest that when you go your local comicbook store, pick up Captain America issue 608 and both 607 and 606 incase you haven't been catching up on whats been going on with Bucky. I promise that chances of you being disappointed would be impossible and that this comic would probably find itself framed onto your wall for the awesomness and creativity you've just seen. 
Incase you don't know Baron Zemo too well, I made a little video describing how awesome he is, I did my best for this villain so I do hope you enjoy and possibly enjoy yourself in some good villainy after reading this comic as well. 


Posted by Zghost

Nice vid on Zemo dude and good review

Posted by B'Town

Great Vid review.  Thanks, you have a terrific tone for audio.  :)   

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