mtharman's Captain America #607 - No Escape, Part 2 review

That devious Zemo

The Story:

Trying to save Falcon after taking damage from an exploding vehicle that was believed to for Bucky, Bucky later realizes that there is more to this trap than what he thought. Finding himself involved in a twisted scheme, Bucky, Black Widow, and Steve Rogers tries to uncover who is responsible for these events, only to find that their investigation leads them to more planned traps and devious schemes intended for Bucky's downfall. 

The Good:

- The characters was great, Bucky and Baron Zemo was awesome and very productive in this issue. I like how you see the expression with the characters, it really helps building up the story. 
- Hold on, this issue Bucky can do research on minor villians, but in the Avengers title he can't do research at all.    Oh okay, thats right, Bendis didn't write this, thank god.  
So I do like how the writer showed respect for the Marvel characters in this issue, even the minor villians stood out in this issue, which was a plus for me. 
-Its obvious that research was done on this issue and the writer wasn't selfish at all, this issue was about talent, the main reason for my Five-star rating. 
-Baron Zemo, is a full blown villian again, no longer trying to play hero at all. His return is actually the whole reason why I wanted this issue. Seeing him against Bucky is actually the dream match Ive been wishing for ever since Bucky came back to Marvel. I love Zemo in this issue, very creative and perfect as a villian, because of this issue, Zemo is actually the one of the Top Ten Villians for me. 

The Bad:

None at all 

The Ugly:

None at all 


Perfect five star rating for this issue, im excited to see the next issue, im excited to see Bucky vs Zemo, and because of this excitement, for me its five stars for this issue. 
Great work on the research, character respect, artwork, storyline, and dialogue. 
Unless your a selfish fan who's trying to find reasons not to enjoy this comic for what it is, !! BUY IT !! 
Dont worry, Bendis's name isn't plastered on this issue, its not bad or horrible in any way. Its the prime definition of why im a Marvel reader, to see issues like this. 
Its why I got a big poster of Bucky slapped onto my wall, its why im now reading Captain America comics, its why Bucky and Zemo fans are created, all here in this issue which one of many. 
So if your a Bucky fan, and you want to enjoy a Marvel title and dont have this issue, then buy it, quickly as possible.  
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