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Review: Captain America #605

Bucky and the Patriot square off at the top of a dam rigged to explode.
Brubaker's concludes the "Two Americas" story arc with a nasty showdown between Bucky and "Captain America" (The Patriot) and this definitely has the gravitas you'd hope for to the conclusion of such an arc. There was a good dance between the fight and Bucky's internal monologue regarding his stragety, and I especially liked the complexity of his attitude regarding this impostor. He recognizes that this is a good man he's fighting (and indeed, the Patriot conducts himself so honorably in their fight that you could easily see him being the hero in another story). However, he also knows that words won't solve this struggle at this point - - he'll have to take him out. The decision he has to make is a difficult one that recalls one of best stories in Cap's history - - the showdown with Baron Blood.

The tone of the Nomad back-up feature is so different from the feature, it almost didn't feel appropriate being there. It was almost off-putting to try getting into a story about Ricki and Arana's carefree team-up after such an intense tale of sacrifice. I've been a fan of Luke Ross' for several years, but I don't like how his style has evolved here. Storytelling, layouts, angle choices - - it's all great, but I don't think the heavier shadows suit his work. There were a number of spots where character's face looked a little too anguished to fit the scene (and even their bodies) and I think a lot of that had to do with the linework being too thick.

This is definitely a thrilling conclusion to an intense story. Be ready for some white knuckle tension and some genuinely hard decisions on display. Despite the issues i had with the art (which could be the result of a mismatch with the inker), I still think Ross' art fit the grim tone of the story - - which is why the Nomad back-up, again, felt out of place.

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